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Let's Play With Scorpions!

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7 hours ago, Petro said:


So TSC was aware that Mic's former alliance was at war with Oculus? I'm confused with all the conflicting statements.

 Being the super active guy that I am (sarcasm) I didn't know anything about his past. Once it was brought up I wanted to know what the deal was ...but we can all see that is a mute point and now is not the time to nit pick he said this/ they said that/ could a,should a,would a blah blah blah.   Let's just fight it out have fun dust off when it is over and move along. 

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On 07/08/2016 at 6:45 AM, Auctor said:

Full democracy works great for Cowboys.

Brokeback mountain works great if you are a !@#$%^ and like to do the poop nasty. LOL



Tha's what I seen in that rreply, sorry if that wasn't what was intended. :D

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We wasnt aware of the politics so miss us with that bs. Where all professionals on this AA so a ole brethren comes through we offer the olive branch. We aint doing no check sum. Yall came through and mind you thats a nice high horse but we got a process.


Respect or move cause we aint bending over and we aint got wings so no bird !@#$. 1 day got you in your feelings. Hugs and besos we still got love for yall.


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