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Spy Bugs


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2 days ago my tax rate was spied:

To: Samwise    From: Unknown Sender    Date: 6/25/2016 1:49:16 PM

Subject: Spy Operation Attack


Message: A spy operation has been launched against your nation. In the attack the enemy spies targeted your Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and managed to change your national tax rate to a level of 25%. Your attacker was able to return home unharmed and unidentified.


From the info index:

  • Sabotage IRS Proficiency (New tax rate randomly produced, 1-5% lower than old tax rate, low limit of 23%) = $100,000 + (20 x enemy nation strength x enemy number of days inactive) [Defender required to collect taxes to change]


The last day I collected taxes was on the 19th of June, yet I can still switch my tax rate back manually without having collected taxes for the day. It seems you can switch threat level without collecting as well. 

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