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In 2 days I dine in hell

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On March 29 I thought someone forgot to flush the crapper after pinching off a morning after dump. I checked the bog but it was clean and smelled of spring rain. I eventually found some guy hiding under the bed. He was European and hadn't had a bath since Louis 14 ruled. Long story short he has stinky armpits. So On March 29 I went to war and started nuking on March 30. Besides a quick rearming session in hide from war mode I have been nuking ever since.




The chief crapper in bog land AKA Alterego is pleased to announce the supreme skid mark also AKA Alterego is about to break 300 nukes on target. Im told the pleasure was all theirs and I was mostly gentle.


A special shout out goes to Umbrella for doing almost nothing to defend their tech farm protectorate. I couldnt have done it without you clowns.








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Friend, we have not agreed on anything in....what....nine years or thereabouts?


And I enjoy this very much.


First time for everything.


Kudos to you.


EDIT: Nearly forgot: Atari Jaguar!

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Atari Jaguar!
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305 up and no nuclear retaliation from brolly yesterday


54 on target this month only 11 sent from brolly. Thanks for the 20 days you allowed your tech farm to burn without defending them brolly. It has allowed me to utterly decimate their NS at the top and membership numbers. Makes me think something is rotten in Denmark. Little retaliation, no peace mode, continuing to ship out tech.



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