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Brand new player looking for alliance to learn from


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As it says in the title. I play Tribal wars and am used to games that require you to log in multiple times a day. (perks of being a programmer)

I joined the Black Team if that matters. I read a couple of the beginners guides and they all stress how important it is to join an alliance. I'm just looking for an alliance willing to help me learn the game and have a bit of fun with.

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What kind of alliance are you looking for? If you want a militaristic alliance, maybe the Imperium of Supernova X is for you.


Some benefits of Supernova X

  • Highest tech compensation rates in CN (12,000,000/300 to 18,000,000/300 cash/tech)
  • Expert military and development guidance from veteran members
  • A newer alliance with a history of many wars
  • A military-centered government with strong econ focus (trades, aid, building guides)
  • A close-knit, active, and highly loyal group of producers and warfighters

Here's a video about our history!



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2 minutes ago, Aezur said:

Ah it's all Warhammer 40k themed. You have yourself a deal, Sir!


Glad to hear it!


Make sure to register on our forums here: http://cn-snx.co.uk/


Immigration forum: http://cn-snx.co.uk/index.php?/forum/14-imperium-immigration-center/


Make sure to switch to Supernova X in-game! Looking forward to calling you one of us! hist101.png

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