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ODN and TLR, fighting side by side again, honor our MADP with Atlas and declare war on Sparta.


Sparta, we are looking forward to a fun war and will see you on the battlefield.  You have always been honorable opponents.



The Network Hungers.




Secretary General: bucovina
Assistant Secretary General:Hawspiper1983
Secretary of Defense: Overlord Shinnra
Secretary of State: OsRavan
Secretary of the Interior: King Obsidian
Secretary of Economics: Peonn
Senate : Carson, Hobbies0310, Soccerbum, ThreeOfSpades, Twizzler




The Triumvir and associated Rabble of the Wasteland of TLR

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9 minutes ago, Mogar said:

You going to partake or nah?


Well they called a participation vote so I would assume they join. How many actually declare? Who knows.


ODN was all about containment last war when STA got nailed. Funny how things change.

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Not nice to see allies fighting allies, but it was probably inevitable the way things were going.


Good blitz from ODN, and nice war flag.


TLR... not so much. If only one guy is going to declare wars in the 1st 5 hours, and he is the alliance owner, then perhaps it may have been better to push it back a few days (or not bother).

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