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Le Nozze di Figaro Article IV


One day Alexio sat on his Throne atop Mount Olympus after his successful overthrow of those pesky Gods. He watched his Titans run around merrily with a wide smile on his face. However there was a deep burning desire in the pit of his stomach and he longed for something else. Having not had a challenge since the Battle of the Gods and his release from Tartarus, he wanted to stretch his legs and thus went for a stroll.


A little ways along his stroll he saw Tevron (Titan of FA), Grealind (Titan of IA), Lulzist (Vice President) and Cupcake (Titan of Defence) —members of his Government talking to a Foreign Dignitary, that he quickly recognised to be Banned from the Great alliance SLAP. Friends and Allies of the Titans since their very early days ruling Olympus.

“Greetings my friends, what is new today?” Alexio queried.

“Alexio it’s Banned, he brings good news,” Enthused Tevron.

“Yes very good news” Grealind agreed while rubbing his hands together.

“Pray do tell,” Alexio demanded.

“Well we have declared war on the city of Sparta. We would love for you too join us on our glorious conquest!” Banned exclaimed.

Pursuant to Article IV Atlas hereby activates its oA clause in its treaty with SLAP and declares war on Sparta.


Signed for Atlas






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11 minutes ago, Unknown Smurf said:


Or dumb and don't understand the 25 hour rule. 


Any marriage that lasts less than 25 hours can be annulled, no questions asked.  Cowboys love that rule.


It is how we have so many blenders.

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