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It's Raining Blood.


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Yawn, ugh I hate mornings... well I guess I have to go to school anyways. Oh looks like it is raining blood out there I better get my new umbrella out... Hey! That greasy dude is looking at my stuff. Yo go away greasy dude, don't make me slap you! This is my umbrella, you can't stand it under my umbrella.


SLAP declares war on SPARTA, may you fall under the weight of my umbrella.

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1 hour ago, Alexandros o Megas said:



Welcome lol-Umbrella! Do you remember the happy days?


Yep, the days we completely dismantled you. Good times. Enjoy your last few days having a semi relevant nation.

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2 hours ago, Blackatron said:

So are you and Atlas actually pretending to have a reason other than just doing NPO's dirty work when they can't be bothered?

SLAP came in for allies. 


I thought that was pretty clear in the announcement.

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