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selling 56 tech for 3 mill


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Good response Fox Fire.


To reiterate, for nations that are ready to become tech buyers, the tech per unit cash they pay isn't really relevant, I'm only at 3k infra with 1 economic wonder and I can already afford to fill my slots with tech deals (though I wouldn't be able to save), nations at 6k+ infra with a dozen economic wonders will be netting way more than I do.


What matters to these nations should mostly be the tech per unit time(per slot), not the tech per unit cash. Since they want to get the maximum amount of tech over x number of slots they will always want the maximum amount of tech per slot; which is 100 per slot they are receiving.


So essentially slots are what is valuable, not what is sent. Always do 6 million/100t deals or 9 million/200t deals (and unless you are in an alliance which you want to support and which will send you aid to help out with wonders the FAC is not generally a good investment).


The reason we have this problem with new players not understanding the basics of tech dealing is because so much of the stuff here is outdated, everything still mentions 3mil/50 or 3mil/100 tech deals.

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