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A Special Announcement from Paradoxia

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A week ago, The order of the Paradox celebrated it's 10th birthday. I will not bee too long in this announcement as I have only been around for TOP's twilight years and the greatest accomplishments of our alliance were well before I even knew that this game existed. 


We came here from the paradox plaza as a group of people who loved Grand Strategy games and saw a way to carry that passion into an entirely new dimension in a multi-year, massively multiplayer grand strategy game. In the early years you were required to be a member of the paradox interactive boards in order to be a member. We saw our first real conflict when GATO declared war on The Initiative during GW2, and again against The Legion in GW3. These first wars against great adversaries set the tone for TOP on the world stage as fighters who are willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone out there. TOP was built into a great alliance with tech heavy nations that could crush any foe using brute strength and cunning military tactics. The days of TOPtier may now be but a memory for most of you, but we are still here and kicking. Tech and infra grow back and beat downs are just lessons to be learned. We still hold ourselves to our tactical prowess and when the time comes that we must raise our swords for our allies again, we will be ready.


Outside of the politics of Cybernations, TOP has always been a second home to its members. From our game nights playing Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings, as well a non-PI games such as Age of Empires and Civilization and AARs on our forums, to sharing our new families and children with our friends online. TOP has always looked after its own, and that what has drawn all of us to the alliance. Internally we have always taken care of each other through tough times in the game and in our personal lives and celebrated happy occasions with each other (who knew that some many of us could get married and have kids?).


In honor of all platypuses out there, both past and present, 

In hoc signo vinces

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I too joined TOP in the twilight years, but it was a huge honour to be part of something great. I got to see an insight into the deep strategically thinking about CN politics that allowed TOP to have disproportionate influence given its relatively smaller size (kind of like the model Umbrella has worked with for the last 3-4 years).


Congrats, my friends, on the 10 year anniversary.

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4 hours ago, Emperor Whimsical said:

can someone help me get better at HoI: Darkest Hour, Kaiserreich? 

You are actually going to want Chief Savage Man. He has an AAR going for it in our paradox Plaza. 

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