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Vote Grub Pact


I.   New Polar Order and Sengoku hereby agree todefend each other if attacked. This obligation is waived in cases where either party is attacked as a result of activating another pact. Both parties retain the option to defend each other in these cases if it suits them and can attack whomever they please alongside each other.

II. If they no longer wish to uphold these terms any longer, the treaty is gone after 69 hour's notice.



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12 minutes ago, Lord Hitchcock said:

Grub and Hartw.... Ugh, both are very unreasonable.



Quite reasonable.  People kept stealing Auctor's cartoons, so no more cartoons.  Now, videos.

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3 minutes ago, Lord of Darkness said:

Congratulations to our allies in Non Grata and Polaris.

Ouch. That hurt.

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1 hour ago, Unknown Smurf said:

Amigo 1: Polaris

Amigo 2: Sengoku

Amigo 3: unknown


did you sengoku too stupid to count.





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