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Disappearance of the Northern Lights


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A eulogy

Aurora Borealis was never a world power. We never achieved or even verged on sanctioned status. Arguably, our prominence as an alliance was in decline from the moment of our birth when we broke away from Monos Archein. The wheels of history never shifted into motion on our word alone.


And yet, after more than seven years, we have no regrets as the northern lights fade. We pledged our devotion to “conducting ourselves simply, honestly and honorably on the world stage,” and that’s how we lived.


In seven years, Aurora Borealis never abandoned a member in need. We never refused a request for aid from an ally or betrayed one for political convenience. After our first war, we never again fought in a global war with an ally on the other side.


I’ve long warned potential allies that treaties with Aurora Borealis always end in death. In the more than six years since the dissolution of our first two treaties (one by force and one by mutual agreement), we have not canceled a treaty or had a treaty canceled on us. I suppose my warning has come to fruition one last time.


As I said, Aurora Borealis never called the shots on the global stage. We did, however, do right by our allies and our fair share in their battles. After a long comatose period, we came back strong a few years ago and made a substantive difference in this world as members of AZTEC and Oculus.


The wheels of history did not shift by our hand alone, but our hand often joined those of our friends in guiding it into motion. We are proud of what we have accomplished together.

In conclusion

We are grateful to our past allies, who have preceded us on this final journey. Echelon, Mushroom Kingdom, The Portugal Empire, Nueva Vida, Rubber Ducky Division, Legions of the Eldar, Colossus, Solis, the Federation of Celtic Nations, and the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics.


We are grateful to our last allies, to whom we say farewell. The Grand Lodge of Freemasons, The Dark Templar and Sengoku have been our AZTEC brothers for years. Umbrella, the Orange Defense Network and the Fellowship of The Wolves have been close and loyal allies, as well. More recently, we welcomed the friendships of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, the New Pacific Order, Non Grata and Viridian Entente as Oculus brethren.  


We are grateful to the individuals who helped us along the way. There are many, and at this late hour, it is unfortunately impossible to be comprehensive here. In some cases, folks are listed with a previous alliance rather than their current one. 


  •       Neo Anglia, Solidus117, Death666Angel, Matthew117 and x Tela x of Echelon.
  •      Archon, Trace and AirMe of Mushroom Kingdom
  •      The many leaders in the Karma coalition who worked behind the scenes to prevent our forced disbandment. We remember your kindness.
  •      Farore of The Portugal Empire.
  •      Nelchael, magicalbricks, Prince Arutha and raasaa of Nueva Vida.
  •      Augusta Antonia of Rubber Ducky Division.
  •      OsRavan, Overlord Shinnra, bucovina, Pingu, Zaxon, Salka Palmir, Walling and eZe of the Orange Defense Network.
  •      Canik, Dcrews, Lord Boris and ShouAS of the Fellowship of the Wolves.
  •      Roquentin, MrHiott, Dylan Carter, Zerileous, JoshuaR and WhiteMajik of Umbrella.
  •      The Warrior and Rhizoctonia of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations.
  •      Frawley, Letum, Scourge and Necoho of the New Pacific Order.
  •      Caustic of Non Grata.
  •      Baltus of Viridian Entente.
  •      Penedono, monkeybum, Mayzie, Alaric, Walking Dead, Shermeyer, Ben Stalker, Lord Xnut, Chewbacca and Obscurus of The Grand Lodge of Freemasons.
  •      Bob, TiTaN, Starcraftmazter, Terrence Krillins, Supa_troop3r and Farnsworth of The Dark Templar.
  •      hartfw, bcortell, Petro, Lemax, President S O, Timmy09, Schad, Rogal Dorn, Konrad and Autosave36 of Sengoku.
  •      A special mention of Auctor, who was the most important external figure in helping Aurora Borealis survive to the present day. We appreciate your commitment to our friendship. From Colossus to GLoF to Sengoku, you have always been our truest friend.


      We are grateful to our seven founders for making a difficult decision to strike out on their own path: Ace072199, DAn123123, Er the Mighty, The Evilest Eye, Thefox, Hickersonia and Welshgazza1992. Several of them remained members to this day, and they all made enormous contributions to our alliance.


Finally, we are grateful to the many Aurorians who contributed something of themselves to our shared tapestry.



Drake Spoke, Triumvir

Jutopia, Triumvir

Sarkin, Triumvir

Evilest, Advisor

Ace072199, Triumvir

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Good luck in the future. I know this wasn't an easy decision.


The Aurora Borealis AA is under our protection until this conspiracy plays out and they decide to reform.

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49 minutes ago, Haflinger said:

I remember helping to stop RoK from disbanding you guys, way before Karma. Here's to old memories. (And hi jutopia :) )


Why on EARTH do you insist on constantly being inaccurate? We never tried to "disband" anyone and you of all people certainly couldn't have stopped us if we did. ;)


Xiph of GOD, however, did want to disband them during Karma when I was tri of Nemesis. That was a frustrating time. lol


Anyway. Wasn't a fan when you DoE'd, but I don't know you at all now so no hard feelings. Always sad to see anyone disband these days. Best of luck, folks. :D



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I still recognize a fair number of names there. I never really kept in touch, but there was always a friendly face or two waiting if I'd pop in.


Congrats on all you accomplished, and may you rest easy.

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It is really sad to see AB disbanding but i am aware that our leaders have taken a wise decision. Ive been playing this game since 2007, during these days i have developed a great number of friends since our times in Monos Archein, Echelon..etc..  Those friends were the reason for keeping me stay in game and carry on. SO literally Aurora Borealis was my ingame Home. Regardless the fact that we passed through harsh days together but i couldnt think once of leaving any of them. IMO many alliance would wish to have leaders like ours in AB,Sarkin,Jutopia,Evil,Ace.. Fox.. And friends  like Hummina,Sburns.. Johnnie,Drake, Helsew..And many others..!


I would like to thank you all for everything. 

Wish you all the best in real life and ingame. 


Id raise a glass in memory of our best days in AB and Id raise another one for our bright future. 



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7 hours ago, Emperor Whimsical said:

Took an extremely angry Delta1212 as well as Hoo and other commanders in the Karma war to ensure that Xiphosis didn't dismantle you (as we nearly did with Ech). Congrats on dying on your own terms. I always respected AB. 

True, on all counts.


AB, i was not a fan when you were born. For welsh, i salute you as you make an exit on your own terms.

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Thanks for all of the memories. I can't believe it has been over SEVEN years! What a wonderful ride it has been. I am very proud of what we have accomplished and many dear friends will be forever remembered, many who  are mentioned in the OP.


I raise a toast of the finest Vodka served with the clearest of Neftyanikian Ice made from the purest waters of the Holy Spring of Neftyaniki in memory of Aurora Borealis and of times past, and friends lost.  Aurora Borealis outlived many who preceded us, those who supported us during those tenuous early days and  also outlived those who sought to destroy us from the  moment of our birth.


I shall always remember our friends who have always been there for us and still remain friends to this day.  Likewise I drink to the memory of friends who have passed on in the course of life, they will continue to live in my heart long beyond the pixels of their nations.


A second glass I raise to Nueva Vida!  RIP my friends, may your memory be eternal!


A third glass I raise to Echelon,  you are not forgotten.


A fourth glass I raise to the dawn of the next chapter, may it be as bright as the Northern Lights themselves that shine above the celestial sphere!


9 hours ago, Haflinger said:

I remember helping to stop RoK from disbanding you guys, way before Karma. Here's to old memories. (And hi jutopia :) )

yes, from the second of our birth, there were those certain individuals who sought to destroy us: many of them we outlived.  Thanks for all the support through the years.


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2 hours ago, Neftyaniki said:


yes, from the second of our birth, there were those certain individuals who sought to destroy us: many of them we outlived.  Thanks for all the support through the years.



Since you're quoting someone making a false claim against me personally, I am going to assume that you agree with it. So, I will also tell you that you are completely incorrect. We (and SF as well) disliked the failed coup attempt that was a knee jerk reaction to something that wasn't even happening. Once you decided to move on and create an alliance, very few of us cared anymore. Ultimately it all worked out for everyone anyway and (Xiph aside, apparently) there were eventually no hard feelings. Sure, we weren't on eachother's Christmas Card list, but Ragnarok didn't have a single conversation about disbanding you or "destroying you" and guess what? Had we wanted to we simply would have. ;)


It's cool that you guys are celebrating your history. You deserve to. You lasted way WAY longer than most alliances do and that is something to be proud of. Don't taint it by drudging up a long dead (and honestly brief) grudge and sensationalizing it so that it seems like more than it was.

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