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All work and no play make Fark something something....

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We thought about posting something with loads of customized graphics, witty sayings, and penis euphemisms, but no one even wants to read through one of these nowadays:




Therefore, Fark acknowledges that treaties have been activated. May Our Blessed Saint of Booze, Smontag, have mercy on your pixels.

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about time! smontag, I'm coming for you buddy <3 just gotta shed some more NS


welcome to the fray you farking nuts



Edit - I'm assuming PPO is in there somewhere... there wasn't enough penis euphemisms and customized graphics for me to grasp the entirety of yoru DoW

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I'm glad to be fighting alongside you again, you guys don't disappoint. It doesn't seem like a very long time ago we finished off Bear Retrieval Unit & the other GOONS rogues together, I look forward to defeating some mutual enemies together once more.


o/ Farkistan

o/ Beer

o/ War

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4 hours ago, Sephiroth said:

I got plenty of drinks for all,




Drink up & blow stuff up. Drunk enough to war yet? I am. ;)


hey! We don't allow third party alcohol at the bar! You are all welcome but you gotta drink our booze ;) 


Also welcome Fark, do you have your I.D? We apologize for the wait, with TFC, CA, LN, Polar, NG, GLOF, IRON, DT, Sengoku and Umrella (please forgive me if I forgot anyone) already here the place is a bit busy.




Might take a bit to get a bartender or server over to you but we will do our best. Enjoy your stay and don't forget to give us a good review on yelp!

Edited by John Churchill
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Thought I felt a newfound air of expertise in my wars. Look forward to coordinating with you guys.


o/ Smontag's Secret Stash

o/ Shadow Master Meth

o/ My Infra


Wait a second, this will impact my casualty count. I'm going to need you guys to undeclare, mmmkay? Dudevania's population isn't going to control itself.

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