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Second French Empire is Formed


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                                                                                                         Imperial Proclamation
                                                                                                   from the Second French Empire
                                                                                      On this date 22nd of April in the year of our Lord 2016    
                                                                                        Napoleon II Emperor of the Second French Empire
                                                                                                         Le Deuxieme Empire Francais         
Hi im Napoleon III Emperor of the Second French Empire.
Im determined to build this alliance have nations in the upper tiers. I can't do this alone, I request all persons to consider joining me on our way to glory.
Im very active, loyal and will always have you back. I will also endevour to provide trade circles and tech deals. Im looking for members with dedication, loyalty and persaverence. forum, irc and previous government experince. If this is YOU please change in-game alliance afflitation to Second French Empire change team colour to Yellow and register on our forum.


Second French Empire's Government Structure.
Emperor (SFE Head of State)
Heir Apparent (Regent)
Defense, Interior, Foreign Affairs and Economic Imperial Ministers


SFE has a lot to offer nations.
1. Though we don't offer recruitment money we try to  provide you with tech deals
2. If you're in need of trades, we can help you.
4. Also, Together with our Loyal Allies and Friends we have a very bright future for those whom are interested.
We are on the Yellow team colour.
If you have any Questions contact me





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I've had enough of this. As Kaiser of the The German Empire, I hereby decree that I will be putting a member of my dynasty on the throne of Spain. Don't like it? Do something about it.

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Henceforth and forthwith, I hereby decree that Pansy is accorded the rank and style of His Most Catholic Majesty, the King of Spain. ALL HAIL PANSY. ALL HAIL PANSY. ALL HAIL PANSY.

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I accept Pansy's ascension to the throne provided that he permits ArchBishop Caustic to start an inquisition to stamp out lulzists.


The French Empire is invited to submit its nominees to the archbishopric of Avignon. His Holy Schrodinger I will hear the applicants and make his selection if they are worthy.

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