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Operation Longboats & Beer Notes

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A day late and a deutschmark short from Operation Dank & Birthday Cake. What a shame, so instead I will share with you a story.


A group of Nordlanders walk into a bar… (aye, start of a bad joke indeed)

A group of Nordlanders show up to Beerfest.




Apparently it is not leather donkey or anything to do with redneck troll.
They missed last call so they get drunk all night and pass out in an alley.
In the morning a messenger bird wakes them, appearing in the form of a parrot of all creatures.
“PEPPER YOUR ANGUS” is all the note said, so they sent an eagle in return, "WHERE THE BOOTY?"




They refill their drinking horns and bier steins, making their way to the coast. In the distance they see a tattered ship with a skull and crossbones flag sporting many sea-faring fellow using monoculars. These were not bearded cyclops but pirates who had been observing these heathens for days.


So the Northmen boarded their longboat, preparing to discuss the superiority of their ship making, weaponry, beards and alcohol; providing a bounty of mead, beer and women, because you can’t have a party on rum alone.




However, these pirates were not too keen on the party favors (questions still abound regarding this). Having seen through the offering, they treated the Nordlanders as persona non grata, so defense became a necessity and a fight broke out. To this day, no one knows if they are still warring or partying, but no one can deny their similarities.




Having seen this coming, we left the “blitz” out of “blitzkrieg” but at least we got it half right.
Nordreich declares war on Pirates of the Parrot Order. Commence war party at sea…






Oro, Kaiser von Nordreich
Latexi, Kronprinz
Hanssen, Kanzlerin
TurnipCruncher, Reichsmarschall and OWF Provocateur
PuliSher, Reichsbanker and Hated One
Kristjan Laidoner, Minister of Interior
Trebs, Propaganda
Wolfgang von Sterreich, Eternal Scapegoat

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6 minutes ago, The Pansy said:

Someone is pushing hard to have PZI return. Think of the Children Xanth, anything but Old propaganda . 

By the end of this they can feel free to pzi my nation all they want. I will be provoking it the whole way throigh.

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