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The Apathy Report - Special Edition


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Firstly, you started in 2012? Noob.


Secondly, on the topic of why the treaty web is the way it is, it's pretty simple. Treaties Ingame = Nukes IRL. The game has become less about having fun with your friends and building something interesting, and more about finding a way to ensure that it is others who get destroyed and not you, or at least if you get destroyed, you take them down with you. Functionally, the idea of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Unfortunately the only real ways out of this are either to do some kind of reset (not necessarily a nation reset, but possibly a game mechanic reset or something else), or for a whole crapton of new people to join. Otherwise this will continue as is until there are so few people left that it devolves into some kind of Mad Max style wasteland (which some may say is an improvement).


Lastly, on the topic of how long the game has left, it's entirely dependent on what we do as players. If we choose to make the big changes necessary to revitalize interest in the game, we could see this continue for quite some time. If people keep the status quo then I don't even see another major war occurring. The major powers will continue to isolate and destroy people they don't like until no one is left, and why wouldn't they? It's a winning tactic, why would they stop?

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