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Royal Proclamation of Doom Kingdom

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Little does the Planet Bob know that Doom Kingdom has been constructing its own project… Doom Kingdom hereby issues our final victory over the realm of Planet Bob. On April 12, 2016, 11 days after our first year anniversary of our existence, White Chocolate and I decided it is time to disband Doom Kingdom. We made the decision after careful consideration of all available options. It is unfortunate; however, we are not alone. Many alliances have suffered the similar fate.


We would like to deliver a heartfelt thank you to our now ex-allies that have served with us:


Dark Templar
Doombird Doomcave
Fellowship of the Wolves
Non Grata*


North Atlantic Defense Coalition
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Orange Defense Network
Sovereign League of Armed Powers
The Lizard People


And of course, to our protectorates as well.


Additionally, to all people who have served within Doom Kingdom, thank you for your dedication and commitment. Any alliance will be lucky to have you as one of their members, should you persuade that goal, of course.


The Orange Defense Network has agreed to protect Doom Kingdom and Doom Squad for the next thirty days.


All previous treaties, written or paperless, that were held by Doom Kingdom and to the extent, Doom Squad if there are any, are voided effectively as of this announcement.



Signed on behalf of Doom Kingdom,


Lord Hershey, Doom Father
White Chocolate, Doom Mother

Edited by Lord Hershey
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It's always sad to see an ally we respect and like as much as DK move on.  However, we also understand that as bob evolves, alliances come and go and this is the natural course of events.  DK, you have been amazing friends and trustworthy brothers in arms.  We could always trust you implicitly to have our back in good times and bad.  We wish your members will with all future endeavors, and hope they all find new homes to prosper in. We are honored that you came to us for protection while your members transition, and are pleased to say that we will be protecting the DK and DS AA.

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It has been my pleasure to serve with some of the most loyal, active, funny, and all around amazing people in CN. We have had some great victories and avoided defeat. I have been honored to stand along side them on the field of battle, and in time of peace. To all members past and present, thank you. Now as Doom Manager I issue one last order... Kong Ninjas Vanish.

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Well this is a shock and something I didn't expect to see you shall be missed dk. Some of the best allies that could be asked for. You all have a home in Atlas if you so chose. However best of luck on where ever you all end up.


One last time O/ Doom Kingdom


Atlas is also going to be protecting Doom Kingdom from this post.

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I am sad to see this, DK are probably the best allies I ever worked with and it's not going to be easy to find another alliance worthy of filling their shoes as an ally. We owe alot to DK and we will help their membership wherever we can.


PS I will be watching DK's lower tier.



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This saddens me immensely but I understand completely the actions taken. DK have been great friends and steadfast allies and for that you have my gratitude.


It goes without saying that former members seeking quarter can find a new home in Kashmir (once war has concluded if not in the interim as well).



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This was a really hard decision to make.  Lord Hershey and I have been discussing a great deal of options and we finally settled on this one April 12.  Please note that we decided BEFORE Non Grata and NpO attacked our ally Kashmir.  That action actually made us seriously reconsider our original plan to disband.  However after further discussion we decided not to second guess ourselves and just continue in the direction we had already committed to.


Thank you to ODN for their protection of the alliance affiliation. 


I have already made comments to our membership in private but want to say in public that you all are fantastic and anywhere you go, the alliance that picks any of you up just gained a great member.


To my mentor and close friend Lord Hershey, I have been very lucky in finding fantastic mentors throughout my CN career.  I've learned and had a good time with all.  Having said that, you are the single most sexy individual I have ever had the pleasure of working with by far!  Now lets go!  I want that honeymoon that we've been unable to have because the world refuses to leave Doom Kingdom alone. :D

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When Ivan Moldavi left Digiterra for the first time, he said: "Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened."


SirWilliam and I both extend our hearfelt thanks for being the best of friends and the most reliable of allies. You will be missed.

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