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Breaking News From A Shady Alley


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The Mad Dog Mattis Accords




When a man pulls up with a white van and no windows and asks "Have you seen my puppy?" the proper response should be... "Do you have some candy in the back of that van?"

Article I. They are Different

White vans and white doomsday planes look similar to the novice observer, but they are in fact seperate entities that govern themselves.

Article II. Radio chatter

Bringing these two together for fun and discussion is an awesome occasion and should happen regularly. If one hears someone talking about the other looking like a pidgeon or pedo; this information should definitely be shared.

Article III. Peace be with you

At no point should one alliance attack the other, aid the enemy of the other or engage in coercive action against either. All debates and grievances shall remain on the shag carpet of the green room as we sit indian style with a bowl of candy in the middle.

Article IV. A Date that will live in Infamy

If either alliance is attacked, there shall be coordination for a mutually defensive effort against the attackers. Peaceful diplomacy can be offered but is no substitute for defense.

Article V. Foreign Diplomacy by "Other Means"

Sometimes reaching out to touch someone is neccesary, this is when both parties should already be discussing the events that lead up to the desire to touch a third party. Neither WFF or SwC is mandated to provide military support during an offensive conflict but aid and rebuilding aid should be expected and demanded when appropriate.

Article VI. Rolling up the Window

If the unfortunate decision comes to roll up the window and sing "Keep on a knockin' but you can't come in" happens; a minumim of 72hrs notice is to be given before the end date of this pact.

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