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Farewell, Cn (This Time, It's For Real)


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It's been 9 and a half years since I started playing this game. I don't think I ever expected it to be this long. I don't think I expected to ever come back after every time I left - sometimes for a few weeks, one time for a period of months. Something always kept sucking me back in, usually the people. But after all of this time, I've finally hit the point where I don't have the time or energy to keep going in this game, so once this current war ends, I'm going to let my nation fall into Inactivity Mode, get off IRC for good, and say goodbye to Planet Bob. Maybe I'll pop up in a different world, but that seems unlikely right now.

If I know you and you wanna chat, hit me up before I'm gone for good - either on IRC, on the forums, wherever. I'll be around I'm not even gonna try for individual shoutouts because there are just too many people to shout out. Too many alliances. Just too much over the years. Thank you all for making this game as fun as it was for most of the 9 and a half years I was here. It's really sad to see what it's become because of how great it once was. My advice to everyone: cut the treaties and have some fun. Let the game go out with a bang, not a whimper. Winning is fun, but fun is more fun. When all is said and done, nobody's gonna care who "won" or "lost" when it ends, they're gonna remember the fun times.


In general, shoutout to the CN community.  Time and time again, the people were the reason to keep coming back.  That was the strongest part of this game, consistently, and we were at our best when we had fun and opposed each other without getting ultrapersonal or digging up personal details.  I will miss a lot of people around here.  It's a great community and I hope that it somehow sticks together (even if, as I would strongly recommend, you don't invade another game like NS did with CN, imposing CN politics elsewhere).  Keep that part of the game around somewhere.


It's been real, and hopefully this war doesn't disappoint.  If it does, it may be a lot less time than I expect before I'm deleted.

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