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Population Count/taxes

Empress Bella

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Whats up with my taxes? And my improvement rating? 


taxes are 8.9m/day, bills 6.1..

have -10 improvement slots, can't seem to get that to stay up. I buy infra and one opens up, then it goes back down again it seems. 


happiness is 99, crime is index is 2, pop. income is 302 (very strong).


Any ideas of whats wrong with my nation? 

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You have guerilla camps in. You probably have more border walls than you actually need. Good chance that Casinos and Redlight Districts aren't helping you right now. Are there team events that are affecting crime rate right now?

Are you certain 8.9mil a day isn't a couple or more days of your bills stacked up btw?

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8.9m is daily taxes, 6.1m is daily bills. Net of 2.8 daily. 


I used to make 10-15m taxes before bills, went to war and got brought down a bit but I'm at a higher NS than I've ever been and bills are high/taxes low. 


Edit: Got rid of gorrilla camps...shot up to 15.1...well damn. 

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