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10 Years, 10 Very Long Years


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the last time you punched someone? and who?


In a fight situation, fifth grade - so Fall 2000 or Spring 2001. Kids on my street loved to beat me up because I am disabled. Then I stopped going outside. It would be one of two people that I punched.


In general? I punched my dad in October.



10 more years!


go pour some wine on an NPO flag


that is a cruel thing to wish on someone


20 years of cybernations



o/ Bros


Do me a favor, kick cancers ass!



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Why are we still here

Number of Soldiers Lost: 2,308,350 Attacking + 4,280,614 Defending = 6,588,964 Casualties 

Ranked #337 of 6,775 Nations (Top 4.97%)
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