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Announcement From Pandora's Box

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The war between Kaskus, Mongols, and GOONS(and Sengoku) has just begun . What once was a rather simple matter of rogues being sanctioned and a protectorate being attacked has crossed the line of reasonability, and what should have been resolved quickly has turned into an unnecessary and drawn out battle of wills.
There comes a point, however, when enough is enough.
GOONS has not requested help from others in this conflict for a very simple reason, a reason grounded in fact and reality: there is no one there to ask for help. Sengoku has not requested help either, but we feel it incumbent on us to provide it. Their nations are not gathered in the super or low/mid tiers , and while parties on the opposite side of the aisle may not be all that numerous, they fall into that specialized scope. As a unified body, it is both our duty and pleasure to serve as a compliment in that which they are lacking.
Considering that a number of us have already provided military aid in this conflict, we do what follows in the interest of efficiency. To be frank, neither respective opposing party are sufficient enough for any singular one of us to focus our interests upon, and it is for that reason which the collective alliances of Pandora's Box hereby declare war on Mongols and Kaskus.
Let me be clear, from this moment on, [most] of your slots will be filled, casually and with little effort. It will be of no deterrent to any single one of us individually, and what little damage you will be capable of doing will be naught but a drop in the proverbial bucket(except BONES and Timmehh).
Pandora's Box, along with GOONS as a non-entity, also wishes to diminish Mongols and Kaskus’ fighting capacity.  They have shown a willingness to sanction senators and declare wars on disbanded AAs. The attitudes shown by the opponents in this war have not gained our respect and we sincerely hope that they are able to face the inevitability of their situation as the war drags on.
For Umbrella,
President - domisi  Roquentin
Vice President threefingeredguy MrHiott
Field Marshal - Natan   TimLee
Generator - domisi
Envoys - Raken, Daikos, NFL Generic, Bassman ComradeMilton, DylanCarter, White Majik 
For Non Grata,
King Xander   Caustic
Stewie    Schrodinger
Steve Buscemi   Ying Yang Mafia
arexes King Xander
 MikeTheFirst MikeTheFirst
 Derwood1 Derwood1
 GofastleftSteve Buscemi
 Lord Nettles
 ncc (a.k.a. Katy Perry)
For the Viridian Entente,
Impero Supreme142, Lord of the Entente
Goldie  Lieutenant Yenroh, Duke of the Entente
Shadow  Samwise ,Secretary of Defense
Ging Cards, Secretary of the Interior
Deviousfarie Verlion, Secretary of Communications
Asawyer   Lieutenant Yenroh, Secretary of Economics
Austrailia, Baltus, and Cornelius, Chancellors 
Impero, Dominus Emeritus


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