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Imperial Decree From The New Pacific Order


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Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

Dear Bones's and SPaTR,

For years, you have deliberately pursued an antagonistic path with the New Pacific Order, our Allies, and our blockmates. You have openly and callously used threats and abused the power of your connections to try and damage us politically. You have repeatedly used proxies and "rogues" to raid our friends and attempt to bait us into open conflict.

Throughout this all, out of respect of the number of our shared friendships, we have tried to pursue a diplomatic path far more lenient than any person has a right to receive. With every incident, we worked hard to smooth things over and avoid a crisis. With every incident, we tried to ensure that there would be no repeats of such actions in the future. With every incident, it became more and more apparent that we are facing a group of actors, with Bones chief among them, that are not acting in any semblance of good faith and will just keep on pushing the line.

A few days ago, with an open and brazen sanctioning on a leader of Oculus, you have committed an act of war and finally crossed that line to an extent that can no longer be hushed up and swept under the rug. It is apparent that you are an exceedingly hostile entity who will keep trying to harm us and keep trying to use your connections to get away with it.

All diplomatic methods of trying to stop you from committing acts of war against us have failed. You have shown an inability to act within the basic rules of diplomacy, within the norms of our world, or even with some basic decency. Your message of continued hostility and your ill-wishes against ourselves and our friends have been received loudly and clearly. The natural conclusion from this is that the only way to stop you, and the only way to safeguard our interests, is to remove your ability to continue acting as you have and join Sengoku in wiping the remainder of your tech down to zero.

I do sincerely hope that you enjoy war as much as you claim to, because this will take a long, long time. Perhaps you will find satisfaction in finally getting the direct confrontation you've been threatening. Or perhaps you will find actually seeing consequences for your actions to not be very nice at all. Either way, this war will involve as much time and energy as required. We will make sure of it.

As a friendly reminder to all bystanders: aiding alliances at war with Oculus is also an act of war, and will be seen as a defacto declaration of war on Oculus.

Kind Regards,

Emperor of the New Pacific Order
The Thunder Down Under

Lord of Darkness,
Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order
Grand Marshal of the Army of the Pacific
Edited by Frawley
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Top Posters In This Topic

As per the previous war that Oculus was involved in, only one alliance needs to announce it as it relates to everyone in Oculus. Typically you would expect each alliance to put their signatures on the DoW, but what can you do? Can't make skeletons do anything if they aren't alive.


I don't think this is an Oculus entry.. as "Oculus" is above all other treaties... why make it an "Oculus" entry when you can simply just make it an ally entry and pull of their allies on one side?

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I don't think this is an Oculus entry.. as "Oculus" is above all other treaties... why make it an "Oculus" entry when you can simply just make it an ally entry and pull of their allies on one side?

because they already lined up. You really think they would move with just oculus support alone?
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