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Good Bye

Master Holton

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i mean really there's no need for me to say anything at all, but i'm entitled to make a post here and by doing so i can make your thread a bit longer, so here's a post


i mean honestly after they gave you shit for dueling me, the whole requiring newbies of over half a decade to do the academy, etc. i don't really see why you were even in polar in the first place other than just wanting to be gov somewhere that still has an active membership. you're a very high energy candidate, and i hope you appreciate that as much as i do, so a star that's running out of gas seems like a bad fit for you anyway. and that star is not polaris, either. so i guess i can give you a congratulations.

oh. and if you plan on going out with a bang rather than just deleting, you should nuke me some on your way down, if you can

trying not to turn this post into a rant about how much i hate the cn community. goodbye holton!

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