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In the past, we've attempted to do our part to get along on Pink Sphere. We've attempted to do right by all of our allies and to be responsible citizens of our home on pink sphere. Our actions have not always been universally admired, and we have not always embraced the tactics of others on our sphere.

However, instead of contacting us or resolving this latest disagreement in a diplomatic way, an act of war was committed. An act of war I have no assurance or credible belief won't reoccur and therefore must consider a present and ongoing threat. That's all very well and good for most of the alliances in this dying world for the last six years, but it poses a very real problem for Sengoku. Out of respect to our common allies, I'd've loved for this to have been resolved in some other way. It wasn't. That's a shame.

Therefore, Sengoku recognizes a state of open war exists between ourselves and Swash Plates and Tail Rotors. Thanks for your time.

Auctor, Emperor of Sengoku
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It's a fracture in decent society to result to such horrendous violence. I am shocked that Senguko doesn't have the righteousness to resolve their differences in a diplomatic venture like the rest of us.




Valhalla should still die in a ball of fire. 



o/ Mongols


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I can't believe Sengoku could be so unjust. Sanctioning rogues? Just disgusting. IRON should also be ashamed of themselves trying to oppress the Pink sphere. Let the dismantling of Doctor Oculus be swift.


no, IRON should be ashamed at themselves for being IRON

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