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Super Tuesday Projects Big Wins For Grub

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*Paid for by Citizens for Grub



Vote for Grub and Roll Holton Pact

I. Sengoku and the New Polar Order will not attack each other and retain the right to defend each other or attack others beside each other if they so wish.

II. If they no longer wish to uphold these terms any longer, the treaty is gone after 69 hour's notice.

Signed for the New Polar Order,

EaTeMuP - Emperor
Lestat - Regent
Dajobo - Imperator Emeritus
Quantum Leap - Minister of Love
Buuyo - Minister of Peace
Thomas Venner- Minister of Plenty
Holton - Minister of Truth

Medic32 - Deputy of Love
Emperor Jason - Deputy of Peace
Dolorous Edd- Deputy of Plenty
Aero Xross - Deputy of Truth

Signed for Sengoku,

Auctor, Emperor
Petro, Shogun
Pansy, Daimyo of Defense
Tobbogon, Daimyo of Foreign Affairs
Fonsy, Daimyo of spreadsheet stuff
Konrad, Daimyo of Internal Affairs
hartfw, Cowboy Emeritus
Pansy Daimyo of DIY
D_T|Jackie_Moon Daimyo of Ursine Control

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