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The Eternal Knight Treaty

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The Knights of the Round Table (KoRT) and The Eternal Alliance (TEA) are pleased to announce a Treaty of Amity and Commerce.



For better relations, now and in the future...

Article:- I
Tech Deals
The Eternal Alliance and the Knights of The Round Table agree to conduct tech deals.

Article:- II
Trade Circles
The Eternal Alliance will open its trade circles with The Knights of The Round Table. Any Knight may send a trade proposal to the President or Prime Minister to be allocated a trade partner.

Article:- III
The Knights of the Round Table may ask, but The Eternal Alliance nations are not obligated, to vote for a Team Color Senate candidate chosen by the Knights of the Round Table.

Article:- IV
The Eternal Alliance and The Knights of The Round Table will not attack one another.

Article:- V
The Eternal Alliance or The Knights of the Round Table may terminate this agreement with 48 hours written notice.

Signed on behalf of The Eternal Alliance,
Indian Federation,
Prime Minister,
The Eternal Alliance
Under Authority Granted By
The Eternal Alliance

Signed on behalf of the Knights of the Round Table,
Knights of the Grail, Knight-King
Mordred, Knight-Heir

March 10, 2016
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