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Imperial Decree From The New Pacific Order


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Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

Comrades, friends and denizens of Planet Bob,

When I became Emperor in 2014 I promised free the Pacific from the tumultuous cycle it was trapped in for half a decade and lead the Order into an age of growth and opportunity. An era where our nations would be secure to pursue the quest of efficiency, and where we would not be forced to take one step back for every step forward. A world where we can stop settling for "good enough". A world where we can take our ideology of "if it works well, take it apart and make it even better" and apply it free of any constraints - and see just how high up we can really fly. In short, I sought to make Pacifica Great Again and bring us into a Second Pacific Golden Age, much like the one I grew up in. That seemed like a tall order, coming after a war that had almost reduced us to the level of the one that had ended the First Pacific Golden Age.

But the people of the Order rallied, beyond even my expectations, and rose to the challenge in every field. Success fed on success, leading to an uplifting cycle; we set aside differences with former enemies of ages past to work together and re-evaluating old practices and policies, we got the breathing space to unleash a torrent of economic innovation that saw us go from zero upper tier to a great wall of tech around the Order, and we applied all our new toys with crushing force in every situation where we needed to. Victory and Ambition came back to the Order like rain in a drought, and we embarked on our journey that took us beyond even our wildest dreams. And it brought us to today - at the top of the world.

It has been a hard journey, and I will not be so vain as to claim it was without mistakes. We have not always paid attention to the events - and people - we should have. Our ruthless pursuit of the interests of our tight little circle of friends has led to unintended consequences or even a lack of caring for those outside it. In part, that is the price of Victory - it leaves behind those who have lost. In part, it is an area we need to work on, because the only threat that still exists to the Order's future is that within ourselves - one where our own arrogance and apathy cripple us. Both those traits are inefficient, and should have no role in an Order that prides itself on efficiency.

But for all our faults, we have genuinely sought to bring a change to the state of the world. The Order will always pursue Victory at any cost, but that does not mean we have to be petty or excessively cruel. Grudges and old hatreds are the chains that bind this world into charting a repeating, circular and sclerotic course year after year - and it should not be this way. When we started this journey, I sought to cast aside all grudges and separate our emotions from our actions - with at least some level of success. It is something that I would encourage every alliance to do - give your neighbor a chance, if you can find some common ground. And whilst this might seem easy (or even self-serving) to say when at the top of a mountain of corpses, I guarantee you that it was much harder - but also much more useful - when downtrodden and at our lowest point for years. The Order has been at its greatest when it has shown the flexibility to be a place for second chances - be it for groups, or for individuals.

As I reflect on the past couple of years, I believe that the Order is at its greatest today. We have escaped from all our mental and physical shackles, and the Golden Age we dreamed about has returned to us. We have transformed ourselves into a new kind of political player. Our community has had life injected back into it. So my job here is done. My Revolution has been successful, and it is time to hang up my hat and let the next revolution commence, taking Pacifica even higher. I am hereby stepping down as Emperor of the New Pacific Order and passing the torch along to an individual that has been utterly indispensable to everything we have accomplished, and who is more worthy to lead the Order than anybody ever has.

As my final act as Emperor, I hereby appoint Frawley as the ninth Emperor of the New Pacific Order.

To those Pacificans and friends that have stood beside me in this journey - thank you. I am proud of you, and thankful that you have given me so much of your hard work and excellent ideas. To those whose blood is on my hands; I am sorry for not finding a less painful way to win - perhaps one day we can yet bond over mutual victories - or through a prolonged exchange of nuclear fire. To the rest of the world - if you aren't in one of the above categories you haven't tried hard enough.

To Frawley: Beat my record.


Hail Emperor Frawley!
Hail the Body Republic!
Hail the New Pacific Order!

Eighth Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Dungeon Master of Order
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Address from the Emperor of the New Pacific Order

Comrades and citizens of Bob,


Thank you Letum for the honour of being your Regent, enjoy your retirement, and I hope you never stray to far from my office.  It is my great pleasure to appoint Lord of Darkness as my Regent, I trust that he will be as great a Regent as he has been in his prior role as Imperial Officer of Military Affairs.

o/ Imperator Emeritus Letum
o/ Regent Lord of Darkness
o/ Pacifica

Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Glorious Leader

Edited by Frawley
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o/ Letum.  You did a great job as Emperor and you certainly left the alliance in a state far better than you found it.


o/ Frawley, the greatest Merchant Banker I have ever had the misfortune to engage with.  Congratulations mate, I have the highest hopes for Pacifica under your leadership and I look forward to watching your leadership here and abroad.


Is it me or is it getting cold in here?

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o/ Letum

o/ Frawley

o/ Lord of Darkness



Strange that this may be the last NPO emperor, depending on the timeline of this game. Congratulations, although the acquisition of power makes for a much more compelling reign than the maintenance of it.

Betting against Frawley is usually a bad idea

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