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Greatest Mothers

Life In Femocratic Lands - Part 2

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The Regions:

* Kuralanda ("Hearthland"): the region of the capital Labrys, it roughly comprises the former patriarchal states of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria and the southern part of Romania.

Labrys itself is a city on the sea, located some miles at south-south-west of the old Dubrovnik ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dubrovnik )

* Aradialanda: it roughly covers the patriarchal territories formerly known as Italy, the southern half of France and more than an half of Switzerland.

Aradia, the regional capital, extends from the former sites of Cannes ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannes) to Sanremo ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanremo ) but due the successfull enactement of the project formerly known as Atlantropa ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlantropa ) its real location tend to be slightly more on the south than the actual sites of the former cities cited above.

* Varmalanda ("Hot Land") is the southernmost region of Femocratic Lands, and it covers the former sites of the patriarchal states known as Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, more than an half of Mali and the northernmost portion of Mauritania. The regional capital, Varma ("The Hot"), is a city on the sea, located few miles west-north-west of the former site of Benghazi ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benghazi )

The regional Government of Varmaland is also responsible for administration of the dead lands of the Middle East (that were made totally uninhabitable by a massive preventive thermonuclear attack).



Every womyn has the right to bring to the world a daughter, to raise her and educate her: this right is exercised through the public health system, which provides for free the most advanced techniques of artificial conception, based on the fusion of two female oocytes.
This reproductive technique is called Oocytes Fusion: it consists in the fusion of two female oocytes, each bearing fuse 23 chromosomes. This means that Oocytes Fusion is not cloning, so here we're talking about daughters and not clones.
The donor of the second oocyte can be anonymous or can be indicated by first mother (the inseminated one): if the donor agrees to be named she becomes the second mother of the daughter, with all rights and duties involved.
The applicant can freely withdraw the request of seeding anytime prior to implantation of the new embryo.
Once the embryo has been implanted abortion is strictly forbidden, and compared to a murder with the aggravating circumstance of the tight bond of kinship.
Abortion is legal just only in cases of serious risk to the health of the mother or when prenatal screening detects serious defects in the unborn.
Permission to conceive a second daughter is automatically granted in case the daughter died prematurely before reaching the age of majority.
In other cases, the womyn may apply to conceive a second daughter, but this is granted only on the basis of requests of demographic offices.
Criterias through which are assigned permissions for a second daughter significantly differs from region to region some examples:
In regions like Ferneva and Nubira permissions are assigned via pure and simple free lotteries.
In Parada the permissions are assigned only to the requests of wymyn who have full political rights (that means: only to Amazons).
In Amerika an half of available permissions are assigned via lottery (not free - applicants must buy the tickets), and another half of available permissions are assigned within a meritocratic system with a strong emphasis to meet the demands of wymyn who are particularly distinguished by their role in society (that means above all the more rich among Frumps but also, sometimes, some Amazon heroines).
In Eight Heights and Broken Hourglass regions permissions are instead granted on the basis of genetical screenings, in order to ensure additional daughters only to the most perfect wymyn, unregardless they are Amazons or Frumps.
In Goddesses' den permissions are assigned mainly on the basis of a preventive genetical screenings like the previous regions, but also to the favorites of the Imperial AFEL.
In Aradialanda and Varmalanda permissions are assigned mainly via free lottery, but also to the favorites of the Imperial AFEL.
In Kuralanda ("hearthland", the region of the capital Labrys) permissions are granted on the basis of genetical screenings, but also to the champions of the Holy Arena.
In Sisterhood of the Darkest Mother permissions are granted just only to the priestesses.

School is compulsory until the age of 17 years, in all Femocratic Lands.
The compulsory education system is divided into kindergarten (from 2 to 5 years of age), basic school (from 5 to 11 years of age) and extended school (from 11 to 17 years of age).
Above 17 years of age the school becomes voluntary and very selective.
There are no private schools of any kind: the only possible exception is represented by schools of the religious orders, which provide a purely religious education and are still under the partial control of State inspectors.

Amazons and Frumps: Political Power and Economical Power
The age of majority is obtained with the completion of the compulsory civil service, lasting two years, which takes place between 17 and 19 years and is carried out in parallel with the possible school formation or work (it is worth noting that the law prohibits full time employment before the age of 19 years, setting a limit of maximum 20 hours per week of work for all the girls under 19 years).
Reaching adult status give to girls the status of Frump.
The term Frump is derived by the fact that these wymyn, although sometimes are richly dressed, cannot wear a military uniform.
Frumps have many of the rights generally associated with a modern democracy (free speech, assembly, voting in referendas, etc.), the right to carry melee weapons (especially the typical sword, used for traditional duels) and also the right to fight in the Holy Arena as gladiatrices.
But a Frump cannot vote in elections nor hold public office.
More rights can be earned only through the voluntary military service.
Military service, however, it is not for everyone: on average are accepted about 30% of candidates, and there is an age limit to start the military service (wymyn over 40 years aren't accepted and, also, candidates under 30 years have greater chance of being accepted).
When a womyn successfully end the voluntary military service, she become an Amazon: this status grants her rights like to defend the nation, to wear a military uniform, to carry firearms, to vote in elections and also to hold public office.
About two thirds of the accepted candidates successfully end the military service: this means that theorically about 20% of the adult population is composed by Amazons, but in fact the real percentage show enormous differences among the nations of the region, due strong intro-region immigration.
Voting is compulsory for all Amazons, and it is also never secret: Amazons have the greatest accountability towards the public good.
But, even if Amazons have the political and military power, the economy is generally in the hands of the Frumps.

Common misunderstandings about Amazons and Frumps
--- A common misunderstanding about our society is made when someone seems find strong resemblances to Plato's State (as he advocated a ruling class of guardians which renounces any private ownership, whereas the rest of the citizenry must obey them but has granted private property). This comparison to Plato's State is witty and demonstrate a good culture, but isn't absolutely exact: in our society Amazons have private ownership and even a good income, but they are so involved in military and politics that they have not time for businesses also businesses and trade are see as not ideal occupations for warriors.
That's why our corporations are ruled by Frumps.
---Another common misunderstanding about our society is made when someone think that Frumps are inferior people: in fact a Frump, even she haven't political power or right to carry firearms, is often more rich than an Amazon, and, also, a Frump have the right to carry melee weapons, and also the right to fight in Holy Arena as gladiatrix if she wish. Furthermore usually Frumps fight duels among them, in order to restore their honour when offensed by someone. The right to performing duels isn't granted to Amazons: they must have a superior discipline.
---A third, and far worse, common misunderstanding about our society is when someone thinks that our subdivision in Frumps and Amazons have something to do with the classical gender roles of a patriarchal society. The Greatest Mother cry and the Darkest Mother scream when they hear this!
In fact usually a typical Femocratic family is composed by two or three Frumps with their offspring, when instead more often an Amazon doesn't marry anyone and, also, when an Amazon decide to marry someone, this someone usually is another Amazon!!! In fact, mixed couples are very rare: the life of an Amazon and the life of a Frump are enough different to prevent a marriage.
---Another, and last, common misunderstanding about our society is made when someone see our Amazons as the mythological virgin guards with some sort of byzantine rigidity, as depicted by the ancient patriarchal literature! When they hear this, both Greatest Mother and Darkest Mother laugh! In fact, usually our Orpo (Ordinary Police), that is composed by Frumps, usually have a lot of problems trying containing the excesses of Amazons on free exit when they get drunk!

In Femocratic Lands economic differences are viewed as a mean to increase human productivity.
Economic differences are not an end for us.
All natural resources, all forms energy and all communications are State monopoly in Femocratic Lands.
The production and trade of consumer goods is let to the private sector, but there are some State interventions (through incentives) in some areas such as food production and especially cultural productions.
Economic system in Femocratic Lands can be generally described as a mix between socialism and capitalism, but in fact there are enormous differences between the various regions:
Aradialanda is a region with a mainly liberal socialist economy, especially devoted to education and cultural productions. In this nation only 5% of the adult population is composed by Amazons. Main productions: books, movies, music, cheap-to-average dresses and school uniforms.
Ferneva is in some ways similar to the previous: a mainly liberal socialist economy, but the percentage of Amazons reach 10% of the adult population, and the focus of the economical system is more on luxury goods production than education. Main productions: spider-silk, highly-priced dresses, melee weapons, e-cigarettes, spices, Absinthe (an alcoholic beverage).
Varmalanda is very similar to the previous: a mainly liberal socialist economy with a percentage of Amazons of about 10% of the adult population, and an economical system focused on luxury goods production. Main productions: sea-silk, highly-priced dresses, aquaculture (oysters, fishs, shrimps), videogames industry, Vassa (a spiced alcoholic beverage, similar to Drambuie and Irish Mist) and Rose Water (a rose-flavoured alcoholic beverage). Varmalanda is also the second touristic region of Femocratic Lands, just after Nubira.
Goddesses' den is a region with an almost pure socialist economy but is also a theocracy, ruled by the representatives of the Greatest Mother (basically: the two Empresses acting as Highest Pristesses). Amazons are about 20% of the total adult population. Main productions: food (especially rice, spices and wine) and drugs.
Parada is a pure warfare and also almost autarchic state, with an economy that is almost all oriented towards military requests. In Parada about 60% of the adult population is composed by Amazons. Main productions: weapons, military uniforms, food.
Eight Heights, Broken Hourglass and Witchwind are, with some differences among the three regions, a mix between a warfare state and a capitalistic state. In these three countries the percentages of Amazons among the adult population are about:
30% (Eight Heights), 40% (Broken Hourglass) and 45% (Witchwind) respectively. Main productions: weapons (especially high-tech weapons for Eight Heights), electronics (Eight Heights), shipbuilding (Witchwind), automobile manufacturing (Broken Hourglass), biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries (Eight Heights).
Amerika is mainly a capitalistic region, with a relatively poor welfare system and a percentage of Amazons that reach 15% of the adult population. Amerika is nicknamed "Frumps' Empire", due the particular relevance of rich Frumps within the economic system of the region, even, of course, both elected queens are always Amazons. Main productions: sport equipments, low-to-medium priced dresses, telenovelas and romos (romance movies with explicit sexual content).
Sisterhood of the Darkest Mother is a region with a socialist economy and also a theocracy, ruled by the Greatest Priestess. Amazons are about 25% of the total adult population. Main productions: food (especially rice, spices and above all meat) and drugs.

Health and Sexuality
All regions of Femocratic Lands have an universal and free health care system.
The only differences among the health systems of various regions are only in the field of prevention: regions like Parada and Aradialanda grants to their citizens very extensive prevention programs, when instead Eight Heights, Broken Hourglass and Witchwind grants lesser but still good prevention programs, and just only Amerika seems instead almost unaware of what prevention is, granting just only some preventions, although all medical operations and drugs are still free even in this nation.
Mental diseases such as paedophilia, anarchism, heterosexualism and anorexia are completely unknown, and reported on the medical texts such as academic curiosities.
Obesity is very rare, thanks to prevention policies of the Government of Femocratic Lands, that regulates and supervises meals and sports in schools of all levels.
Cosmetic surgery is prohibited, as instead are very popular beauty treatments based on sports, healthy food and treatments using herbs, oils and minerals. Local techniques for rejuvenation of the skin and body firming through non-invasive interventions are considered the most advanced in the world - the region of Varmalanda leads this sector.
All sexual behaviors among wymyn are all fully legal between all those who are above 12 years of age, and below this age are also fully legal sexual behaviors among girls whose age difference is not more than 4 years.
The law about sexual behaviors doesn't include the notion of "consent" since wymyn are believed to be unable to express meaningful consent regarding sexual matters.
The idea of "rape" is strictly related to heterosexual sex, that is always considered rape, and, at a lesser extent, to act of penetration with something that isn't part of a womyn's body. In all Femocratic Lands the act of penetration that goes beyond such well-defined boundaries is legally compared to rape, though the word "rape" can be applied just only in presence of a male (such part of the law is rumored having been shamelessly copied from old UK law, section 1, changing just only the word "penis" with "male's body"). Penalties significantly differs among regions: just only heavy fines are provided in the more tolerant regions like Goddesses' den and Varmalanda, when instead a penetrative act can lead to prison in nations like Parada, Aradialanda and Amerika, to death penalty in regions like Eight Heights, Broken Hourglass and Witchwind.
The production and sale of objects with such function is obiouvsly strictly prohibited in all Femocratic Lands, and there is an entire branch of psychology that studies the penetration as an act of perversion.

Within Femocratic Lands religions are divided into officially recognized, "officially tolerated" and "forbidden".
Officially recognized religions: these are the only ones authorized to have places of worship opened to the public, to create religious schools and to perform limited actions of propaganda and proselytism.
"Officially tolerated" religions may not have places of worship open to the public, cannot create religious schools and cannot carry out actions of proselytism and propaganda. It is legal, however, their religious practice, but only if done in private.
The cult of the Greatest Mother is the only officially recognized religion in all Femocratic Lands, with the only exception of Sisterhood of the Darkest Mother: in this last region Greatest Mother cult is officially tolerated.
The only officially tolerated religion in Femocratic Lands is the cult of the Darkest Mother, that have this status in all Femocratic Lands apart from in Sisterhood of the Darkest Mother where the roles of the two religions are reverted and by so the cult of the Darkest Mother is the only officially recognized religion, and the cult of the Greatest Mother is instead an officially tolerated religion.
Forbidden religions (like Christianity, Islamism, Buddhism, and all others) are uprooted, and all their priestesses and practitioners sentenced to major fines and/or prison in all regions of Femocratic Lands with the only exception of Sisterhood of the Darkest Mother where priestesses and practitioners of forbidden religions are tortured and ate in the most obscure and evil rituals of worship of the Darkest Mother.

OOC EDIT by Vampir: good lord and !@#$ :facepalm: Spider have find her old roleplay :facepalm:

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