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Announcement from GATO, TSC, and Atlas.


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After a length discussion and much drinking, the alliances of Atlas, GATO, and TSC have decided to prove to the world once and for all that Brown is a super stable and loving color sphere with the optional signing of a treaty that will surely shake up Planet Bob's politics for generations to come, particularly as GATO recently celebrated (very quietly) 10 years of unbroken existence. Behold:


The "Look Guys, Brown is Super Stable" Pact

The alliances on the Brown Sphere recognize that color politics have always been a totally legitimate, not kind-of forced and unwelcome addition to the world. As such, they have come together in one of the most binding treaties written in Planet Bob's history to show the unprecedented stability and prosperity of the Brown sphere.
Optional Non-Aggression
In order to make sure that this stability stays well into the future, the below signatories agree that they will not attack each other under any circumstances, unless they want to. This clause applies to both offensive and defensive wars; both are strictly forbidden, unless the signatories choose to go to war, in which case they are allowed.
Optional Intelligence
With the goal of quickly identifying any threats to the Brown sphere, the signatories agree to share any pertinent intelligence that they might discover in the course of their investigations, or not. They will share this information promptly and via government channels, or slowly and via unofficial channels, or maybe not share it all, based on whatever they want to do.
Optional Aid
This treaty recognizes that prosperity for one alliance on Brown is prosperity for all alliances on Brown. As such, parties will make every, some, or no effort to aid each other in times of need or plenty. This includes a joint forum that might or might not be set up for the purposes of trading and tech deals, which all members are absolutely required to join or not join.
Treaty Chaining
The below signatories recognize that the tangled web of alliances might cause there to be tensions in the treaty. As such, they - hold on, forgot something in the title.
Optional Treaty Optional Chaining
There we go. As I was saying, these brave alliances realize that they might not always be able to honor this treaty with their many foreign commitments. As such, in the case of chained treaties, the below signatories may not honor this treaty, or may honor this treaty, or may conveniently misplace this treaty on their forums and then refuse to acknowledge it when people link to it, claiming that their signature has been faked and/or that the whole thing was a terrible nightmare.
Optional Cancellation
This treaty may be cancelled by any signatory with 48, 24, or 0 hours notice, or at any other time.
Optional Signatures
For the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
The General Assembly
DragonsPhyre, Assembly Chairman
Overlord Wes, Minister of Foreign Affairs
crv24, Minister of Domestic Affairs
MTTezla, Minister of Optional Defense
PravitelstvoRF, Minister of Finance
For The Sandstorm Confederacy
eXcessium - Tribal Elder
ConRed - Elder of Finance
Alex0827a - Elder of Travel
Satan1612 - Elder of Organization
veracity - Elder of War
Kream - Semi-Retired Elder of Things
Peonage - We Thought We'd Put His Name On Here, Because Reasons
For Atlas
Alexio15 Optional President of Atlas

Edited by DragonsPhyre
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If you truly stabilized brown, then you would  be burning Meth/co and SNX to the ground so y'all have not done !@#$ really. 

I'm not sure you know what stabilization means, just because SNX decided to start attacking other Brown alliances doesn't mean the rest of team needs to follow suit. SNX will burn out of energy soon enough.

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SNX has more active aid slots than this entire bloc, so I wouldn't say it represents "the brown masses." Congrats though and good luck.

Yeah this is all well and good but when you do not include two sitting senator's alliances in it there is no unity just more balkanization of the brown sphere...and SnX is ranked #44 and is not a micro but good luck nonetheless... :psyduck:

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More an OPIAT of the brown masses, amirite?

You have the option of seeing it that way  :smug:


Alex I win thread has already been derailed pay up :P



That must of been one wild drinking party!  (yes, I did actually skim the treaty)

The drinking was optional, though everyone participated very enthusiastically!


Congratulations, hopefully you can deal with the rest of Brown and "Make Brown Great Again!"

"This is some real good shit man!" :p


Yeah this is all well and good but when you do not include two sitting senator's alliances in it there is no unity just more balkanization of the brown sphere...and SnX is ranked #44 and is not a micro but good luck nonetheless... :psyduck:

We have the option of editing it to allow the option of adding another alliance to it (optionally, of course)  :v:

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