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Giant Nightclub in the Desert


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Let's Go Clubbing:  Treaty Edition

Article I:  Different Dance Moves
Atlas and TSC are separate entities. Each are entitled to dance in any way they choose, even of their moves on the floor don't match up exactly.
Article II:  Say What?!?
If one of us hears a good song, we'll share it so we can both develop a routine for it.
Article III:  Pump Up The Volume!
If Atlas or TSC is attacked, they can request to bring their dance partner in for a tag-team dance off. If their partner is busy getting drinks or involved in a dance off of their own, they may choose to take care of their business instead.
Article IV:  Steppin'
If one dance partner wishes to initiate a dance off, the other partner has the option of making it a tag-team dance off, because that's just more fun!
Article V:  Party's Over
If the dance partners feel that their rhythm just isn't right, they must give each other 72 hours of notice before going off to find different clubs to dance in.
Signed for Atlas
Alexio15 Iron President of Atlas
Grealind Chancellor of the Interior 
Drivindeath Chancellor of the Defence
Signed for The Sandstorm Confederacy
Alex0827a - Elder of Travel
ConRed - Elder of the Treasury
Veracity - Elder of War
Satan1612 - Elder of Organization
eXcessium - Tribal Elder
Kream - Semi-Retired Elder of Things
Peonage - Our Favoritest Person Ever! 
o/ TSC
o/ Atlas
Edited by Alex0827a
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