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COS- TBC Joins Forces


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The following treaty is an Optional Defense Pact between The Bear Cavalry (TBC) and the Commonwealth of Orange States (CoS).

Article I

TBC and CoS agree to be friendly towards each other and to resolve any disputes or conflicts between the two parties amicably.

Article II
TBC and CoS agree to the sharing of information between both parties, especially vital information in regard to the two alliances.

Article III
TBC and CoS will come to each other's aid financially when able and will also have the option of defending each other militarily. Neither party will take offense should the other decline to assist as this portion of the treaty is entirely optional.

Article IV
This treaty has a 72 hour cancellation period. It will also be revisited at a later date for possible upgrade.

The Triumvirate of The Bear Cavalry,
Van Hoo III, Wrath
Gibsonator21, Sloth
Shurukian, Lust


Commonwealth of Orange States Government

President:  Ziggy

Vice President: Leonidas 1 of Sparta


Regent of Interior & Education: Threno

Regent of Finance: Elmaff

Regent of State: Ziggy (Temp)

Regent of National Security: Sir Provost





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