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An Announcement from The Random Insanity Alliance


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Hello Cyberverse, it has been a few months since we had elections, and so we had to have them again. I attempted to escape to The Bear Calvary, but Shurukian is a meanyface, so alas, I was forced into RIA government once again, thankfully I dragged a TBC member back into our government, so I suppose it all worked out.

Lord Cactuar:

Shadow, By the Grace of Cactuar, His Glorious Excellency The Most Holy, Blessed, and Venerable Lord Cactuar of Random Insanity and the Dominions and Territories thereunto belonging, Captain Planet Emeritus, Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Realms of the Cactuar, Defender of the Faith, Guardian of the Funk, Grand Master of the Most Noble Sovereign Military Order of Cactimus Prime, Central Commander of the Nintuar Clan, Leader and Guide of the Rivolucion, The Ultimate Lifeform, Mystic Dragon Emperor of the Cheeselands, Archduke of Disorder, Overlord of Lunacy, Puppetmaster of Chaos, etc.


1st Floridian Council (serves until April 31 2016)
Cactimus Prime dester55

Gigantuar Leo, Hello Liz
Funktuar Mogar, Emperor of the Royal Ariana Grande Empire, Minister of Mogar Affairs, Minister of Attention, CN's Psychologist, Captain Planet Emeritus, First!, Master of Amsging, Banned for your Sins, King of Notaries, Needs to come up with more titles to catch up to Shadow, All Around Nice Guy, Also Hello Electron Sponge.

cctmsp13 (also Viceroy)
Princess Celly
Shadow Slayer


Captain Planet: Keres!

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Come to our boards and campaign for it next cycle.  You can't win if you aren't running.  Unless you're any of the random people we put in who weren't running.  But you aren't, so you should consider running.

Or something.

i know Electric Mango actually campaigned. i cant remember if we had someone else not in RIA before, we might have as i know people have asked. Keres technically didn't campaign, but at some point someone suggested her for reasons, and we remembered and the voters agreed with those reasons.

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I tell you all what, in 2 months I'll begin a process for the entire cyberverse to campaign for Captain Planet, that way we can be sure we are choosing the right person to combine our powers in and protect the world from devastation.

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