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Public Trial For Animal Crackerz

Fox Fire

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I hereby charge the alliance known as Animalz (Animal Crackerz) with war crimes and acts of international terrorism. I demand all nations on Bob recognize my legal authority to prosecute these nations regardless of my own alliance standing, representation of any alliance or position in said alliance/s. 

Why? Because I'm making a thread about it, that's why.


All Animalz members are hereby charged with acts of terrorism on the entirety of planet Bob itself. If convicted, I promise to do absolutely nothing, mostly because they're all too small for Foxburo to vaporize. 


We will start by allowing the defense to present their opening argument, to which the prosecution may, or may not respond. 



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Moderation will be monitoring this thread to ensure all forum rules and guildlines are in strict complinance.



Discussions of topics such of use of multiple nations and/or rule violations are prohibited. If there is a leniency  needed for clarification, areas prior to posting, please pm Glorbal Formal Moderator tadzio and Que Sera Sera. 


It will be up to tadzio and qss on where warns go out, especially thoughs who privately  message and then does the opposisite.


Moderation has no other standing and won't be available for characteristic references or opinions far as anything outside forum rules.

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