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Tweaks to Navy

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Navy in TE is a little imbalanced.  It follows the same general mechanics as Navy in SE, with the exception of reduced infra/tech/land requirements.  As a result, any reasonably skilled builder can have a nation at say, 30k NS, holding a navy that could go toe-to-toe with an SE nation at 800,000 NS (go look - TE navies are huge for our infra size!)


And I like the big navies.  It's fun.  But, when big naval powers collide in war, the typical result is that everyone's navy is damaged but most remain able to guard against battle support and blockades.  And, in a faster paced and more war-oriented game, 3 naval actions per day seems like a big limit.  This isn't SE, where wars drag on for months.  This is TE - wars usually are over in less than a week.


I propose that the amount of Naval actions per day be moved from 3 up to 5, and that the max ships destroyed per Naval Attack action be increased as well (max ships I've ever seen destroyed in a naval attack is 4; I'd like to see something more like 6 there).  This will bring the amount of ships that can be destroyed in war to heel with the amount of ships that are brought into a war; right now, game mechanics past a certain point make it so that a nation with a very large navy is literally immune to blockades/battle support because the nations fighting them simply cannot remove enough ships from their forces to allow for these actions, even if it's 7v1 (assuming the very large nation is repurchasing navy during the war, which is usually the case)

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why when we want to eliminate blockades for the most part anyways.

I disagree. navy is good as it is. I've been pummeled all round as it is. I wouldn't be able to keep fighting regularly and continually be at risk of eating many blockades if it were changed to this.

the cost associated with navy deserves the protection it affords imo. early navy builders are on a more military build rather than econ.

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