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End of a Purple Era: The retirement of the UPN


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Very nearly 9 years ago a small group of friends sat drinking in a pub called the Pit and Pendulum talking about what to do with this game called Cybernations they’d discovered. The sensible thing to do would have been to join an established alliance, not least so we could have discovered what the hell we were meant to do, but we were too stubborn for that.

So armed with a flag knocked up on google paint, a invision-free forum in lurid shades of lilac and lavender and bags full of enthusiasm, that only newness and novelty can bring, we set out to create our vision of the perfect Purple alliance.


We got so much wrong. We totally misjudged the crazy amount of involvement running an alliance demanded, how welcoming certain alliances would be to a new rival and the fact that really getting into the game required IRC (something which has always been a struggle due to living in UK time) It wasn’t long before the original group either stepped aside or quit, leaving only Keyring_Killer, Shade and myself to keep the flag flying. Luckily we were blessed with an influx of established players like Hans, Samo & Pimptastic and new players like Magister, Kauti & Queen Elizabeth who really formed the alliance into what it was in its glory days.


To be clear without them and so many others over the last 9 years they’d never have been a UPN. Whilst I sat back, making big announcements, taking all the cool decisions and generally getting on everyone’s nerves they got on with the business of actually making a functional and successful alliance, creating something that was simply beyond my capacity to do. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to the alliance over the years, to Seuwp, Pangui, Tecumseh, Robster, Peggy_Sue & Kevanovia for leading the alliance, to Hans, Magister, Dexomega & DonVox for leading the alliance in all but name, to our recruitment stars over the years including Abdur, Queen Elizabeth, Moondog, Ragwing & Samotopia, to Vlad & Bros for help with our forums, to Cora for so much practical help behind the scenes, to all our long suffering Ministers for running the allianceour Allies for keeping our backs, our Enemies for entertaining us and most of all for our Members, both past and present for seeing in us something worthy to join. Thank you all for everything, the good times, the times we disagreed (which were still good times) and for making the whole journey a huge, well-loved part of my life for so long.


So where from here? Well, here’s the funny news. We’re still not disbanding, that only happens when the last member turns off the lights. We are however dissolving our government, including all our economic initiatives, foreign affairs treaties and general involvement in cybernations life. The New Polar Order, our oldest ally for over 8 years now, has kindly offered to protect us and has offered a home for those that want to be in a more active alliance.




The forums at cnupn.org will still be running, for as long as Vlad is willing. I’m tempted to see if we can’t arrange to open up the whole forums, warts and all, so that everyone can see what we’ve been up to in the past. Will get back to you about that as it obviously impacts a lot of people.


It’s crazy. This is a browser-based computer game, involving friends I’ve largely never met in person and yet somehow this all matters to me more than other, more polished, games. People talk about community as to the reason why and of course that is true, but I think there is more to it than that. Alliances, blocs, colour spheres, political movements etc. in cybernations have pathos. They have personalities of their own which are a sum-total of their members, their history and their circumstances which have nothing to do with how the game is built and everything to do with the game’s wisdom in not imposing anything on them. They are truly player generated in a way in which some more flashier games can only dream of, bearing little resemblance to mere sides in a computer game.


I’ll still be around to chat. If you’ve ever wondered about anything in our past, what we’ve done, why we’ve done them or if you just want to chat about old times then please get in touch. Nothing would make happier to talk to old friends and frenemies. Heck, I can even promise you straight answers right now!


Edit: NADC have also graciously decided to protect us indefinitely along with Polaris. Thank you.





So this is it for us. The final curtain. Thank you for all the good times


The United Purple Nations

Ribena Berry Fields Forever

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o/ We had a great time being your ally, yelling at you and being yelled at by you! It was an honor to get to know you folks and im proud to say were your allies! You guys left a legacy behind that no-one will forget!


We love you and always will, friends.



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