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Merry Christmas from Supernova X!

The Zigur

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This morning I awoke in my quarters well-rested, because apparently the Wal-Mart of my nation closes at 2100, too early to make a last minute beer-run. Rest assured, our intelligence apparatus is looking into this matter.


As I prepared for my pre-dawn briefing with the Imperium Staff, I logged into my communications device and began scanning for OWF signals. While the early morning was still quiet, I had noticed the poem written by Comrade Holton and slammed my coffee on the table. My officers looked startled.


"Why did we not think of this," I asked.


"All is not lost," my most trusted adviser replied.


"What can we do, Holton beat us to it?"





And yet another daring plan was hatched in the Office of Unified Command.






Later in the morning, I was meditating within my warp-sphere just above the BattleCarrier Kamehameha, orbiting 300 miles above the smouldering ruins of Masterchief777's once-powerful nation. My warp-sphere supplied me with an oxygen-rich, Pakalolo-saturated internal atmosphere, allowing me to efficiently access the midichlorians Hawaiian Mana within me that is the source of my power.


Christmas is the key. They did not say Merry Christmas.


As another nuclear missile detonated above The New Empire below, I absorbed the energy of millions of voices crying out in terror. The energy circulated within my cupped hands, or so it felt, until it snapped... then, the feeling of order triumphant once more, stronger and more potent than before. This growing sphere of energy which no longer fueled just me, but the Imperium of worlds that supplied me this Armada.


Why has the effort to destroy Christmas failed?


Dipping back into the Mana, I felt the power of the Imperium Fleet, hundreds of nuclear weapons, the heartbeats of several dozen Imperators who command them. This mighty fleet which, guided by a single purpose, turned the alliance from a sad joke into a military power.


The Christmas Spirit cannot be destroyed. It adapts and overcomes.


Infrastructurism, once the defining doctrine of Supernova X, had now been overthrown. Why was that? What has set this alliance apart from almost every other alliance in history?


Struggle has made Christmas more powerful than ever.




As my warp-sphere returned me to the Kingdom of Pakalolo, the answer was now clear to me. The Imperium must seize the Christmas Spirit and make it our own. As I stepped up to the podium, the words that flowed from my spirit were clear and decisive.


"Christmas transcends all political correctness, it is the spirit of giving that enhances the producerism that brings consciousness to this Imperium. Though it's meaning and purpose has changed through the ages, its enduring quality is a lesson to us all... that no matter the adversaries before us, we will adapt and overcome, from victory to victory, as we climb the unending stairs together. Let our effort never cease and our morale never waiver!


"Merry Christmas from the Imperium!"

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Who doesn't want a nuclear winter?


Merry Christmas guys!

I find this music video strangely relevant. Nothing quite like celebrating Christmas at ground zero. :D



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