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Commonwealth of Orange States


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Commonwealth of Orange States


Forums: http://cosalliance.enjin.com

IRC: #COS on Coldfront

Team Color: Orange


The Commonwealth of Orange States is an orange sphere alliance that welcomes new players, rerolls, and seasoned veterans of the game to our community. If you are looking for an alliance that treats you like a member of the family, instead some game stat, we are the home on Digiterra you are looking for.


Why Join the Commonwealth?


What We Offer: 

-Experienced Leadership

- $12 million in Start Up Aid for New Members

- Constantly growing alliance

-Protection from NADC

-An active community to have fun in, meet new members, and play the game.

-Mazimized economic programs to assist in your nations growth.

-First class nation building guides to help you build your nation right. Our Guides are for your use to learn from at your own pace. Not some academy pace.

-We are a semi-democratic alliance. We also have quarterly elections for specific government positions.

-Mentoring Program for those new members who need a mentor to show them the ropes

- Aid Incentive Programs for Active Members

-COS has something for everyone

Here in COS...we are committed to excellence in everything we do.


What We Expect


Here in the Commonwealth of Orange States, we are about community. We strive to build the best alliance possible internally and externally. We expect our members to be active, voice their concerns in regard to issues, make suggestions to help improve the alliance, to get involved in government, if they so choose, and most importantly, have fun and hangout with other members. Whatever you do, enjoy the game. 


Ready to Join COS?

Then head over to our offsite forums, register using your cn ruler name, and apply in the appropriate application area. You must also apply in-game as well. While applying for membership, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. We look forward to seeing you in the alliance.

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