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Shine Mongol Uls enters the World

George Jarvis

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- With the end of the fighting against MI6, the newly born Nation of Shine Mongol Uls (New Mongolia), by the authority of the Mongolian People's Party, begin to slowly and carefully lift the self-imposed isolationism surrounding itself.


- With the announcement of the opening of the Country's borders (be it on a limited basis) to outsiders, also comes a brief outline of the Nation, it's customs/traditions, as well as recent events which may be of intrigue to the potential visitor. 



(Image: The Official Flag of New Mongolia)


Name: The People's Republican Khanate of New Mongolia

            (Ардын Бүгд Найрамдах ханлиг Шинэ Монгол Улсын)

           +Also referred to as "New Mongolia," and "The Khanate."

Abbreviation: АБНXШМ

Founded: 10/7/15

Constitution Ratified: 12/13/15

National AnthemМонгол Улсын төрийн дуулал

Ruler: George Jarvis

    + Officially: King George, Supreme Leader of the People's Republican Khanate of New Mongolia

                      (Жорж хаан, Дээд удирдагч Ардын Бүгд Найрамдах ханлиг Шинэ Монгол Улсын)

Capital: Ulaanbaatar (Улаанбаатар хот)

Government Type: Revolutionary Republic

                            + Officially:  "Эв нэгдэл" (Ev Negdel, Togetherness)

                            + De facto: Communist Dictatorship

Economy: Mixed

                + Officially: "Дотоодын эв нэгдэл" (Dotoodyn ev negdel, Internal Unity)

National Motto: "Бид хамтдаа нэг юм. Одоо мөн үүрд."
                         (Together we are one. Now and forever) 

Political Parties: Mongolian People's Party (Монгол Ардын Нам, abrev. MAH)

                        + Supreme Chancellor: George Jarvis

Armed Forces

- The Golden Horde (Алтан Орд, abrev. AO)

      + Official military branch of the Mongolian People's Party

      + Subbranches include: 
              ~ Mongolian People's Army (Монгол Улсын Ардын армийн, abrev. MYAA)
              ~ Mongolian People's Party Intelligence Office

                           (Монгол Ардын Нам Тагнуулын газар, abrev. МАНТГ)

- Mongolian National Army (Монголын үндэсний армийн, abrev. MYA)

- Mongolian National Air Corps (Монголын Үндэсний агаарын Кор, abrev. MYAK)

Languages: Mongolian (Official), Russian, Chinese

Ethnic diversity: 



Religious Diversity:




- Brief History of the Khanate


      + 10/7/15: The Golden Horde, a Communist Militia aligning with the Populist Front, seizes the City of Ulaanbaatar, effectively overthrowing the Mongolian Government, and declaring the birth of a new Khanate under the Leadership of George Jarvis; civil war soon spreads throughout the country mainly between the Mongolian People's Party (Communists) and the Mongolian Nationalist Front. 


      + 10/11/15: The newly formed Khanate, despite having no official Constitution to guide its Governance, begins engaging MI6 forces in the region as part of the Oculus-MI6 war; opposing Nationalist and Communist Parties form an unspoken ceasefire in order to combat their mutual enemy.


      + 11/2/15: As the war continues to claim the lives of thousands on both sides, MI6 forces deploy nuclear weaponry on the City of Bayantsagaan, the provisional Capital of the Nationalist Front; effectively annihilating the Mongolian Nationalist's Command structure and momentarily crippling the Golden Horde. 


      + 11/7/15: With the Mongolian Nationalists crippled, the Golden Horde regroups in Ulaanbaatar, revokes its ceasefire with the Nationalists, and begins a counter-surge; remaining Nationalist factions are forced to surrender or retreat into the hills and MI6 forces are pushed out of the vicinity of Ulaanbaatar. 


      + 12/12/15: With Peace having been declared and remaining MI6 forces returning to their homelands, as well as the retreat of the remaining Nationalists, the life of the Khanate is ensured despite being horrifically damaged by over two months of steady war. George Jarvis publicly accuses the Turkic Muslim population of aiding MI6 during the war; after several arrests are made throughout the country, and allegations of the new Communist Government attempting to ethnically cleanse the Turkic population, a group referring to itself as the New Resistance Movement (Yeni Direniş Hareketi, YDH) begins engaging the MYAA with heavy arms in and around the City of Erdenesant


      + 12/13/15: George Jarvis and other leaders of the Mongolian People's Party, as well as the Commanders of the Mongolian National Army and the Mongolian National Air Corps meet and sign the first ever Constitution, officially establishing the People's Republican Khanate of New Mongolia.


With the formation of the Constitution, the Party issues an official document declaring that foreigners may now enter the Khanate on a limited basis in order to visit, travel, and carry out business. Foreigners are interviewed by the МАНТГ (sometimes for several hours) at the border, and urged to avoid areas with a high Turkic population due to the ongoing situation.



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Revolutionary Times; Official Newspaper of the Party 12/13/15

The Party begins stockpiling Oil


An unexpected drop in the price of oil per barrel has surprised your nation. Should you take action?  

Option 1: Build infrastructure within your nation to store the oil while it is cheap to buy. Citizen income +$2.00 ,Population happiness -1.


         With Oil prices dropping well below average, the Internal Revenue Committee of the Party's Internal Affairs Commission decided unanimously to divert funding to the construction of more facilities to hold the ensuing stockpile; it is expected by the Revolutionary Times that the excess Oil will be distributed amongst the Workers in order to keep struggling families warm this winter, as temperatures drop well below freezing, and to maintain the fighting shape of our great Khanate's Military. The funding for this project is reportedly being diverted from other ongoing post-war rebuild projects, but it is believed by the experts within the Party as well as the Revolutionary Times that the sacrifice will be well worth it.

Go get'em boys!



Edited by George Jarvis
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Revolutionary Times; Official Newspaper of the Party 12/13/15
Ulaanbaatar Evening News Edition

Crisis on the Western Border!


(Image: Military Positions and ongoing fighting; Red denotes the MYA/MYAA, Blue the MYФ, and Green the YDH)


Undurshireet; Reports surfaced in the evening of December 13 that the Turkic Yeni Direniş Hareketi (YDH) has declared Independent Sovereignty over an area overlapping with the Khanate's Western-most cities of Buren and Erdenesant. Shortly after reports initially alleged that members of the Turkic Community in the Western region had been assisting the enemy during the recent war which gave birth to the Khanate, firefights broke out in the city of Erdenesant during the lawful search of a Mosque by Officers from the МАНТГ.

Soon after fighting initially broke out, reports emerged of YDH forces seizing the city of Buren. Not long after, the Mongolian Nationalist Front (MYФ) declared its support of the YDH and crossed the border from Dashinchilen and seized control of the city of Bayannuur. MYAA and MYA forces were soon deployed in joint operations to contain the invasion with components of the MYAK based in nearby Undurshireet supplying aerial support. 


(Image: Soldiers from the MYAA lay siege to YDH positions near the city of Buren)

The Supreme Leader addressed the Khanate from the Capital declaring that the consequences of these Western Aggressors' actions shall be a fury as only the noble people and workers of Mongolia may deliver; swore to not rest until the Leaders of the MYФ and YDH were captured and publicly tried in Ulaanbaatar.


With the death toll already estimated as high as 125 combatants from either side, this could be the next long-term struggle of the Khanate; but we rest assured that through the Supreme Leader all things are possible, and through him we shall triumph.


All roads leading into the battlefield have been cut off by the MYAA and civilians are being prohibited from travelling West of Lün until the situation has been deemed safe by the Internal Affairs Commission's Committee of Public Safety and the МАНТГ.



Edited by George Jarvis
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Revolutionary Times; Official Newspaper of the Party 12/14/15

Ulaanbaatar Evening News Edition

The Battle is on!


(Image: Updated Map of the Turkic-Khan War via the МАНТГ)

Undurshireet; With fighting continuing into day 2 of what has become known as the Turkic-Khan War, the Party is warning all people of the Khanate to avoid travelling near the Western borderlands and report any suspicious behavior to the МАНТГ.


Silun Gilgelji, National President, of the MAH addressed the Party Commons today announcing that the MYA has been called up en masse by the Party Internal Defense Committee of the Internal Affairs Commission, as well as the MYAA and MYAK by the Khan, who has declared the situation a "full-fledged war with the Mongolian Nationalists [and the] Turkic Peoples." 


(Image: MYAK forces aiding the MYA from the sky near Bayannuur)

Olai Anda, Commander of the Mongolian People's Army, communicating from the front-lines, confirmed reports earlier today that the MYA and MYAA have retaken control of the City of Bayanuur from the Nationalist traitors and have begun skirmishes along the border. In the fighting for Bayanuur it is reported that only 30 Khanate Soldiers were martyred in the fighting, with the Traitors' casualties being estimated between 50-75 including a high ranking Officer. 


As well as confirming reports regarding Bayanuur, Commander Anda also confirmed that the MYA and MYAA have begun pushing against the cities of Buren, which as of earlier today has been completely surrounded by MYA and MYAA forces whom have been laying heavy fire on the city, and Erdenesant, which has so far experienced the most intensive fighting. It has also come to the attention of the RT that YDH forces fighting in Erdenesant have been reinforced by the MYФ, whom are an offshoot of the original Nationalists traitors whom were defeated by the Supreme Leader when our Glorious Khanate was first established.


Reports have been released claiming that Turkic people in the Western Borderlands are being arrested en masse and taken to detention centers by the МАНТГ. ​These reports remain unconfirmed and will be considered false until proven otherwise. 




Edited by George Jarvis
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Revolutionary Times; Official Newspaper of the Party 12/15/15
Ulaanbaatar Evening News Edition

"Шинэ Монгол улс Үүрд!"



Undurshireet; In an address to the Khanate today, the Supreme Leader announced that the heroic warriors of the Khanate have pushed the traitorous invaders completely out of our great Nations borders, declaring "Шинэ Монгол улс Үүрд!"

("New Mongolia Forever!").


Reports have been confirmed that after an intense push earlier this morning, the city of Buren, which had been the subject of a masterfully executed siege by the combined forces of the MYA and MYAA, has been retaken and is now completely under the control of the Khanate. Casualties are being estimated to between 300-500 terrorists and as few as 75 Martyrs. A vigil is being held for them and all other brave warriors who have fallen during this traitorous attack upon the people of Mongolia tomorrow evening in the Capital.


To the North, Bayannuur has been completely garrisoned and continues to rebel the Nationalist traitors who have attempted to invade across the borders; short skirmishes were reported earlier in the day ultimately being thwarted by the superior firepower both on the ground and in the skies by the brave men and women fighting for the glory of the Khanate. 


(Image: As the MYA and MYAA escort civilians to safety, they prepare to lay siege to the traitors hiding in Erdenesant)


With the cities of Buren and Bayannuur safely returned to the people of our great Nation by our brave sons and daughters at the front, the siege of Erdenesant has seen a renewed offensive and is expected to be completely cleared of the imperialist invaders within the next couple of days.


Reports have circulated that the Turkic people and suspected Nationalist traitors are being detained throughout the Khanate and especially along the Western battlefield; Silun Gilgelji confirmed these reports today, affirming that the МАНТГ is conducting Lawful searches and seizures throughout the country in order to "...insure the continued safety and stability of the Khanate." Reports that the arrested are being taken to gulag-like detention centers throughout the Republic remain unconfirmed


The Party is renewing it's precautions against travelling to those areas near the Western battlefield and has issued stricter criteria for the admittance of foreigners. 



Edited by George Jarvis
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