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The Blood Imperium Pact

The Zigur

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Article I. Alliance Sovereignty

Both alliances remain sovereign and independent under this arrangement.

Article II. Military Intelligence

Intelligence possessed by one signatory relating to the military security of the other should be shared through secure channels.

Article III. Nonaggression and military defense

Both signatories shall refrain from all acts of military, economic or ideological aggression against one another. Should one signatory come under attack, the other is encouraged to provide military or other forms of assistance depending on the situation.

Article V. Optional Aggression

Should a military offensive be organized by one signatory the other may be invited to participate. Both parties agree to observe sound information security principles and deploy in a disciplined manner when coordinating any military offensive.

Article VI. Cancellation

A cancellation notice should be presented via secure channels to the other signatory.


The Imperium of Supernova X


Immortan Junka, Grand Marshal of the Unified Command

Edward Graceford, Adjutant General of the Strategic Command

Lemac, Major General of the Revolutionary Guard


Blood Pack Together As One War Ensemble,


Stonewall14 of Dixie Cove, Harbinger of Doom

PaultheWall of FreeLand48, The Gutcrusher

Untouchable of Bones, Boss Bones

Claude of Russia1, Claude the Destroyer








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Thank you everyone for your well wished and hails...We are honored to maintain our treaty with our good friend Lord Immortan Junka and support them 100% and work closely on many issues...o/ SnX :wub:

Edited by Stonewall14
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