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The Kiwi Code.

wes the wise

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Ladies, Gentlemen, Grubs, and grumps, I am pleased to announce that after much fighting and Kiwi raging, Les and I have decided to make the following Kiwi code of ethics available to the public. 



The Kiwi Code of Ethics is a simple list of Wills and Will Nots, all derived from our alliance charter, The Golden Rule. 

1 Kiwis will not raid. 
2 Kiwis will not rogue.
3 Kiwis will not participate in  the following: aggressive wars, CB-less wars, coalition warfare, or any coalition that is staged, rigged, etc for the sake of preventing or incurring a dishonest outcome.
4 Kiwis will treat everyone with respect, kindness, and mercy even while nuking. 
5 Kiwis will always tell the truth. 
6 Kiwis will negotiate of the resolution of any open conflict. 
7 Kiwis will not engage in war without a valid casus belli.
8 Kiwis will not sign treaties above OEDP. 
9 Kiwis will hold everyone to the same standard. Micro or Macro. 
10 Kiwis will address injustice with extreme and unbridled militancy, until a resolution is agreed. Nuke first, ask questions later.

I hope you liked it! All this being said, on to business....The kiwis have restocked on nukes and the rage is building once again. We will be announcing our new target shortly, I'm sure you will all approve. We do have a very good CB. 


Kiwi Kisses,

Les Paul Supreme, High Sparrow  :nuke:

Wes the Wise/Handsome, Big Kiwi  :excl:

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You don't

I declare these invalid. I do declare.

I'll use private channels, and when I reach an agreement among the Kiwis (see section six, negotiation of the conflict of who's allowed to sign what), we'll make a notice?

Unless we don't. We'll have to see what the kiwi's decide. I don't decide for them.
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