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Let’s Not Talk Football


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Let’s Not Talk Football 


We found we have a lot in common as long as we do not mention the Packers, Eagles, Bear, Patriots, Redskins etc. We don't talk football.



 Article I – Sovereignty
The parties shall respect the sovereignty of each other, and neither party shall engage in any conduct which may impinge on the sovereignty of the other.
Article II – Non-aggression
The parties shall not engage in aggressive actions against each other, including conducting espionage or declaring war on each other, or providing aid to enemies of either party unless that aid is to fulfill the requirements of another treay.
Article III- Do not talk about football.
The parties will not discuss football.
Article IV – Intelligence
Each party must share with the other party intelligence or information that relates to or affects the safety or security of the other party.
Article VI – Optional Defense
 If one of the parties is subject to an attack from another alliance or rogue nation, the attacked party may request military or financial assistance from the other party and the other party is encouraged but not obligated to provide such assistance as it is capable of providing.
Article VII – Termination
 If one of the parties wishes to terminate this treaty, the terminating party must give 48 hours prior notice to the other party. Neither party shall engage in aggressive actions against each other for 72 hours after the termination of this treaty.
Signatures as follows:
For R&R
President: DemonSpawn
Vice President: GreyOps
Minister of Foreign Affairs: sojourner
Minister of Defense: johnap88
Deputy Minister of Defense:  stockhunter
Minister of Interior:  Chichikov
Deputy Minister of Interior:  Andy R
His holiness, conqueror of the British empire, fighter of oppression, ruler of all things ruleable, Hero of Africa and America, destroyer of satan,Secretary General and Foreign Affairs Minister: XxHouseArrestXx
Deputy Secretary General and Military Operations Commander: Zygon
Internal Affairs Minister: Chunky Monkey
Finance Minister: Gandorian
Edited by sojourner
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