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Light of the World


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 Light of the World


The Templar Knights and the State of Unified Nations, hereinafter referred to as the signatories, pledge to uphold the articles of the Optional Defense Pact outlined herein.
Article I: Sovereignty
In recognition of each other's sovereignty, which shall not be infringed, the signatories agree that they shall not interfere in the internal and external affairs of one another.
Article II: Non-Aggression
The signatories will hereafter refrain from all forms of hostile activity and aggression against each other, such as conspiring/committing espionage and the use of military force.
Article III: Intelligence
Should either signatory come upon intelligence which pertains to the safety or stability of the other, they are required to share this intelligence with their co-signatory.
Article IV: Aid and Financial Transactions
The signatories are encouraged, but not obligated, to engage in financial transactions to their mutual benefit and to assist each other financially in times of need.
Article V: Optional Defense
If one signatory comes under assault from a hostile alliance, they may ask the other for military aid. The other signatory has the option of giving military aid and assistance. If either signatory intends to undertake aggressive military action against a third-party, it shall communicate this information to the other promptly. The other is not obliged to provide military support during aggressive military actions.
Article VI: Cancellation
Once ratified by the signatories, this pact shall have full effect. Should either alliance wish to cancel this pact, the signatories shall conduct good-faith negotiations to resolve differences and subsequently provide a 72-hour notification to the other signatory before the pact can be considered void.
Signed on behalf of State of Unified Nations:
Darkath, Emperor of SUN
Fen Dorbek, Imperial Minister
EricG95, Minister of Defense
CptUnsensibel, Minister of Education
Sam the Reaper, Minister of Economics
PSpiz, Emperor Emeritus
CybernationFreak, Elder
Relapse, Elder
nerses96, Elder
Martin Jensen, Elder
Signed on behalf of The Templar Knights:
Teredona, Grandmaster
Brataslavia, Marshal of Foreign Affairs
Rustikus, Marshal of Defence
Merick, Marshal of Recruitment
Mandystalin, Marshal of Members
Wiccan High Priest, Marshal of Finance
Lord Konstantine, Elder Councilor
Tiger C, Elder Councilor
Northern Empire, Elder Councilor
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I like the flags, I think the crosses in the flags look very nice. Maybe we can work together someday in being the Light of the World which brings upon good changes and hope for those who have been pulled down by the Darkness of the World. Those who pit themselves against injustice & seek to bring hope to those have begun to lose faith, I think we can be allies or at least associates who I can work together with when can both agree a cause is just & victims are worth assisting.


May the light of Jesus Christ shine upon us all & guide us to do good & assist those in need who we come across; as we always seek to abide by the Golden Rule & pit ourselves against those who's agenda is to replace God with the Government; where people decide what is moral & right. (Might makes right)


May Jesus Christ be with you, as well as his good graces and success. I think Christian & Moralist organizations existing outside the bounds of any alliance, which provides support to those most in need would be great idea. Together we can change this world for the better, it just takes a willingness of those who want a better world to work together towards that goal. Helping one victim at a time has escalating effect, as kindness shown to others inspires them and others to also help others.

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