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The Hunt For The Truth [OPEN Character RP]

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OOC: This is a new storyline involving Jesse's friend Jake trying to find his mother. The search will take them into the heart of Europe where they will uncover a conspiracy that threatens to plunge all of Europe into Total War.


This is OPEN to anyone who wants to get involved one way or another.




The war for Asia is over.


Jesse: "The MHC and what's left of Henry's Dragon army have all been defeated. The war is finally over."


But the world is not at peace.


Mei: "Their have been reports of unrest in Europe. Something big is about to happen.


Meanwhile a search is started for one Jake lost long ago.


Jake: My mother is still alive and is somewhere in Europe. Will you help me find her?


But will Jake be able to handle the truth when he finds it?


Jake's mother: I can't leave with you Jake. My destiny is here with the people of France.

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