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The Flying Kiwis get their wings clipped....for now....they will grow back, you will see.

wes the wise

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Polaris has had enough, and they decided to surrender. I don't blame them, the bird crap was getting knee deep in Grub's tree stump, and his neighbors were beginning to complain about the stink. Seriously, the Kiwis are saying uncle. The Kiwi rage has subsided, and we have decided to roost elsewhere. The Flying Kiwis hereby surrender to Almighty Grub, and his alliance the New Polar Order. 


The terms are as follows, as delivered to Les and I via in game PM. I will go over them point by point:


To: Wes the Wise    From: AlmightyGrub    Date: 11/8/2015 11:35:53 PM

Subject: Surrender Terms - Official


Message: Hi

In response to your unprovoked aggression, The New Polar Order has engaged your nations and kept them at war.

We have reviewed the status of this war and we are prepared to allow your nations to disengage under the following conditions.

1. You will post acknowledgement of your surrender in the DOW thread on the OWF. DOING THIS NOW. 

2. You will enter into an NAP agreement for a period of 12 months ending on 14th November 2016.  GLADLY. THE KIWIS AGREE NOT TO ATTACK GRUB OR THE NEW POLAR FOR A PERIOD OF 1 YEAR.

3. You will acquire ”Grub for Blue Senate” signatures and use them on the OWF.  HOW DO THESE LOOK? SEE BELOW. WE WILL WEAR THESE FOR 30 DAYS, UNLESS I DECIDE I LIKE IT AND WANT TO KEEP IT. I PROBABLY WON'T WANT TO KEEP IT...
If you meet the first two of these conditions by 14th November 2015, Polaris will declare no further wars on your nations and all slots will be allowed to expire. THESE TERMS WILL GO INTO EFFECT AT RESET, 12 AM CST.



That's all I have to say about that. 
Signed for the Flying Kiwis,
Les Paul Supreme, High Sparrow
Wes the Handsome, Big Kiwi
PS We are still looking for a protectorate. We are responsible, gentle, and non aggressive. We eat mostly vegetables, and Grubs. HELP US OR ELSE.  :excl:  :nuke: 
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Considering I worked with both of these individuals in Aftermath, I'm not sure what's "low."


Hardly so very surprising really considering how bloated you are on your latest ''glorious victory''. 


In other news,  Polaris will be issuing 300+ new medals for this conflict including one to commemorate the awarding of 299 other medals and ten personally awarded to me for passing 14 million casualties etc.  I have also awarded myself a new title, bought a new hat and polished the Grubmobile for a tour of the Polar Kingdoms.... or not.

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I am shocked Polaris didn't pull the 'oL SNX force-them-to-disband-and-join ultimatum


Unlike SNX, Polaris doesn't force people to join them after heavily criticizing and belittling them for months, not do we have glorious revolutions I guess.  The Kiwis are old friends who wanted to do something, they did it.  There is no reason they should punish themselves by joining Polaris if that is not their desire.... and they should certainly not punish themselves by placing themselves within the annoyance circle of Junktard

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I am shocked Polaris didn't pull the 'oL SNX force-them-to-disband-and-join ultimatum


I wouldn't mind having this Evil Emperor reputation you give me, but in this case I'm not the bad guy... Masterchief777 really screwed AFRO over, his remaining officers deserted and he ran to peace mode... without warning the membership. Then he disbanded after the Offensive began, again without conferring with his membership.


This is in contrast to the legitimate Imperium of Supernova X which was ratified by the membership, establishing a hard-won freedom paid for in blood. It was obvious from the beginning that these nations should rejoin SNX.

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