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ODN Annoucement


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Orange Defense Network






On this day we are happy to announce a new government. The Sec-Gen position has been reclaimed by our dear leader, Homeboy.




The senate has been filled this term with some seasoned vets and some new pulpy orange comrades. See you on the flip side.





Secretary-General: Homeboy

Secretary of Defense: Bucovina
Secretary of Interior: D3aDp0oL53
Secretary of Economics: Peonn
Secretary of State: Infinite Citadel

Senate LXVII:











The Network Hungers.





/End of Transmission




The era of Homeboy has resumed


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Gratz to the new gov and good to see IC back in gov. Work him hard.



Hey, every shipment I have tried to pass through the Oculus lines have been confiscated. 


It's always excuses with you people, isn't it? If it's not the negligent Doormanatee, it's the evil Galactic Empire hegemony. Can't you find a scruffy smuggler or something?

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