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World's End

Duke Nukem

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Hello Bob,

This is my world's end. I'm finally pulling the plug after these many years, and if you'll indulge me one last time, i'd like to tell you my story. This is a story that spans eight years, so i'll try to keep it as concise as possible.

In October of 2008, I googled nation simulators, I did this after playing a pretty shallow but similar facebook game. I joined up and started receiving the recruiting PM's everyone gets, I tried to join Valhalla, but due to being a noob, I never completed my application, and thus never became a member. I hopped around on the sanctioned AA's trying to avoid raiding, changing my AA when people would get angry at me for ghosting. Eventually, one of the AA's I was ghosting, the Viridian Entente, told me I could either join or get off the AA, I chose to join. VE would be my first AA, and an alliance I have fond memories of. I was there for a couple of months, I made a couple good friends, and I learned how to use IRC. Fun story, a VE gov't member convinced me IRC shut off at 12 AM, and so I would log off before 12 usually. However, there was friction between myself and a couple of notorious trolls who were in VE at the time. I eventually got sick of it, and I left VE.

After leaving VE, I joined an alliance I had diplo'd to, one very similar in acronym, Veritas Aequitas. VA was such a close knit community, I loved being there, all of the old guys, JWConner, Mrott, CrinkledStraw, Bosko, Erixxx, and Mank, were all dear friends of mine. In VA, I served briefly as Deputy of Econ, the first govt post I ever held. Soon after I took up this post, elections were held, and I ran for MoE, due to running unopposed, I won. Soon after this happened, the Karma war started, and I got my first real taste of alliance war. VA was allied to TPF, being a former member of OPP, and therefore fought on the side of NPO. I handled all the war time economics and I started to understand what it meant to be gov't in a CN alliance. Another fun story, a representative from MOON, an alliance we were fighting, came to #va and asked to talk to gov't, as I was the only one on, I fielded his query. He pretty much said to me, when you're ready to surrender, we're fine with giving you white peace, and I replied, all right, and we'll do the same if we win. It was fun times.

For some reason I can't totally remember, I left VA soon after they peaced out, from there, I went to the next alliance I would call home, Ragnarok. RoK was another one of those alliances I greatly enjoyed being in, and I was there for around 6-7 months. I served in several lower gov't positions in RoK, and made many good friends there.

Fast forward some time and some alliance hopping, and I found myself in the UPN, another alliance that sticks out in my memory. I was in the UPN during the Peggysus era, so it was certainly and interesting place to be. I remember shit just happening constantly, from large gov't turnovers to people playing internal politics and voting blocs. I was actually part of one of those voting blocs at one point, and found myself elected to the position of Minister of Communication, a job where I made my first official government OWF post, an achievement I was very proud of at the time. It was great fun, eventually stuff started imploding, and I got the hell out of dodge.

Fast forward some more time, and you'll come to the next noteworthy point in my history, my membership in Paraguas, which eventually became Bal Masque. This was some of the most fun I have ever had in CN, working with Roq to oppose the hegemony at the time in Doomsphere. I served as the MoFA for almost all of the time I was in Paraguas/BM so I had an instrumental hand in shaping our foreign policy and alliance. We had a cast of characters, man. Roq, xoin, Brookbank, Tromp, Yui, Evangeline, and MrMuz. We had a short lifespan, and when it became clear we were on the downswing, I strongly advocated disbandment before we became a joke.

After Bal Masque disbanded, I joined TIO shortly, because I knew Stagger, KahlanRahl, and Masta, who were all government there. I tried to take on work there, but I became very unmotivated, I realized I needed a change of scenery, something to motivate me. I left TIO to join the New Pacific Order. I submitted my application to the NPO, which I knew was not a sure thing, but I was banking on the fact that I was prominent member of NPO in the now defunct Project Terra. I remember Brehon, who was the Emperor at the time, drunkenly posting in my application, "ywh Wna did yuo psot this, you hda to know thsi was a bda idea." Despite this, I was accepted into NPO as a member of the Body Republic. I tried my best to work within the New Pacific Order, and I was a great member, albeit one who didn't know how to shut up. I rose slowly but surely in the Diplomatic Corps. and Media divisions of the NPO, becoming a vital part of both teams. I would often get disciplined by my supervisors in Diplo due to my aggressive nature and tendency to fight, leading to my firing in the Diplomatic Corps. Some time passed, and eventually I was allowed back into Diplo and worked my way farther up the chain then I had before. Unfortunately, the good times would not last. Two events happened pretty close to one another, #1: As high level media leadership, I published an FA overview that was highly critical of some allies of the New Pacific Order, and #2, I picked another fight with someone the NPO government liked more than I. I was informed I was being permanently fired from Diplo for these reasons, understandably frustrated, I lost my temper and said some harsh things to an IO of the NPO After leaving that conversation in a huff, I resigned my membership from the Body Republic, and I left the NPO.

After I left NPO, I was in distress, but I had a friend, one who had been hounding me to join his alliance. This friend's name was Chimaera, and his alliance was MI6.Now all of you are going to be like, hahhahah, Chim poached you? I don't see it that way, though. Chim extended his hand to me when I needed it, and he brought me into one of the best alliances i've ever been in, and probably the best alliance left in this game. I worked my way up the ranks in MI6, quickly becoming Deputy of IA, then Deputy of MilCom. Around the summer of that year, Chimaera and Stagger were elected as M's of MI6, and offered me a chance to be 005 working in Internal Affairs with community development, I gladly accepted. I enjoyed this job, but unfortunately, my tendency to argue with others got in my way again. After about two months into the term, I was forced to tender my resignation due to the dysfunctional nature of MI6 government at the time. Essentially, after D_T and BEazy leaving due to government dysfunction, I was offered up as a sacrificial lamb. After that, my activity dropped greatly, and I started to focus more on my RL rather than CN. A couple months afterwards, I started getting involved in MI6 again, eventually being named a IA Dept. Head doing essentially what I was doing as 00. Things were good for a time, but nothing stays the same forever. More recently, MI6 has been experiencing a good deal of internal dysfunction, culminating in a diaspora where several high-profile members of MI6 left, including myself. I chose to seek membership in IRON, I knew at the time there was a decent likelihood that IRON and MI6 would engage in hostilities, however, I believed IRON would provide me with a similar environment to the one I had in NPO, which was something I wanted. I was in IRON for about two weeks, until I realized for several reasons that we were not a good fit for one another, and I still have the utmost respect for them, and I appreciate they took a chance on me. After leaving IRON, I debated quitting CN, but Chimaera reached out to me yet again, and begged me to come back to MI6. I decided to rejoin MI6 for as long as I was having fun in CN, I understood a war was coming. Finally, war came, Oculus pre-empted MI6, and I found myself at war. War dragged on, and eventually the game got taken down, this led to some introspection, I decided that upon the conclusion of the war, and my warchest drained, I would be leaving CN.

You might ask yourself, but war's not over, why are you making this post now? A specific unnamed member of MI6 gov't expedited this process for me, they made me realize that I had no reason to stick around. Compounding that with some OOC behavior of certain members of our community has led me to the conclusion that this is my world's end.

If you've stuck with me this long, I would like to thank you for reading my story, I would like to thank all of those who I called comrade, all of those who I argued with, all of those who supported me, and all of those who challenged me. I started CN as a 13 year old in middle school, and i'm leaving CN as a 20 year old in college, you've all been with me through most of the time I spent growing into an adult, and for those of you who've been my friend, I want to say I appreciate you.

And now I can see, there's nothing left for me.

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If you even bother reading these replies: You had a voracious tendency to try and act like an edgy troll, to the point of alienating current and potential friends.


I tried to explain this to you in NPO when we were there together. I tried to explain it to you after you left. I tried to explain it to you in MI6.



I genuinely considered you one of my friends from CN. I tried to convince the other gov't members in NPO to give you a chance, and you turned on me. I am actually not entirely sure what you still think of me or our friendship, but I want you to know I hold no ill will towards you. I've never gone out of my way, until now, to publicly call you out on your shit.


Hopefully you take some introspective time to realize that you're a capable person who doesn't need the 2edgy sense of "humor" that you seem to force into any interaction. Good luck out there, and just be chill.

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I always felt like you had a bad rap. You werent always spotless and I do think time outside the game will be better spent for you personally. I'm honored to be your last real opponent. Best of luck, WANA.

PS: im stI'll the best W.

Wait, this was WANA? And he didn't mention me at all? Amazing, considering the impact I have had on his life (and the lives of the rest of you). I am a personal hero to him, and he should not be afraid to admit that.


Bah. Good luck to you kid.

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