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 It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness 
Chinese Proverb


Mars, what a boring planet. it took decades to terraform, and even then the results were not ideal. Vast oceans covered about half the surface, funded by several EAI corporations to be a gateway to the outer rim, with Pluto being the final objective, most of the planets could not sustain life, but their moons could hold stations, beacons of humanity in the silent abyss.

The trip took over a week of realtime, and honestly it was just a drag, most plugged into the latest holo game or movie, they just seemed to bore me after a while, I was left with a feeling of Hiraeth, a craving for a homeland that no longer existed. Nobody's did anymore, there were the occasional blips but mostly the various versions of Earth, Terra, they had all burned down to just a candle compared the roaring fires that once raged. Mars, to followup on some alleged ruins that were buried under the sand. The structures were not from the EAI, and looked nothing like the Tikal remnants the Imperium spent trillions chasing after among the stars.

There was so much to still do, it was as though I needed to be in ten places at once. I wasn't even certain why I decided to follow this up, but the book that started my bizarre adventure what feels like centuries ago wouldn't shut up about the red dust ball. The oxygen would be breathable at least, though not incredibly appealing, similar to being on a mountain on earth on the surface, on the highest points of Mars I would require full oxygen and temperature protection, but my final destination was below the surface.


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