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Back after a break,.. Recruit me,..

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so will post it here but feel free to move it,

So I'm Chech,


I am back after a break and looking to get up and running again,.. I am looking for a decent alliance to call home,

I am looking for a trade circle, and ideally one within my new alliance

I am looking for tech deals, ideally within my new alliance,..

So any alliances out there that can help get me up to speed with tech deals, trade circles quickly and would be a good home, .. I would love to hear from you,..


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Hi, you can join IRON.

We have a good supply of in-alliance tech dealers, you don't have to go around hunting for them, we'll hunt them for you.

You'll be setup with trade circles pretty quickly as well.

One thing we don't appreciate is when people don't participate in alliance wars. If there is a legitimate reason, we mostly will understand, but if there is even a hint of cowardness, We'd throw the person out.

Come and visit, you'll like it.

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