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Rangers lead the way


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Are you tired? 


Be honest are you playing out the string collecting every 20 days and trying to remember to log in? 


The CN-Rangers are for you. 


No gimmicks here, we dont use forums we use alliance announcements to communicate and in game messaging. Liberty is paramount, when you become a ranger you manage your nation your way. Need help? You'll get help. Want to go to war? Go ahead war is an under utilized part of the game. Want to park, go ahead. Want to engage in game and become more active? We'll make it happen. 


No gimmicks, no B.S. here are the bullets of important information/Ranger rules


1. The alliance is currently at war, its likely not going to end soon. Will you be attacked if you come to the AA? I dont know, but war is necessary to prevent apathy and decay. 


2. Fight whoever you want, when you want. However if you start an aggressive war you own the consequences. 


3. If a war is declared against you? You will be supported with the resources the alliance can bring to bare. 


4. Do you want your voice to matter? It will, I listen and any reasonable idea (say attacking an alliance 50X our size) will absolutely be "on the table"


5. Honesty gets you honesty, B.S. gets you B.S. Dont come to the AA to hide, you have an issue with an AA? Fine let me know, we'll make something happen. 


Send me an in game message and remember micro alliances are the "it thing" in 2015 CN.  


Last, and this is perhaps the most important thing. Remember Its not a lie, if you believe its true. 




Thorgrum Commanding officer of the CN-Rangers. 


Sua Sponte. 

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