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( ; ) ) is a up and coming alliance seeking a few good men. If you want to be apart of something unique and different then join ( ; ) ) today. We are the pimpness :) We have positions of importance open in a soon to be fast growing alliance. Jump aboard and be something more then just a number be apart of a family. While others may be larger and stronger we have something they dont..... OUR BELOVED QUEEN!

Join today!!!

Visit us at : http://thomasdrake.proboards107.com/index.cgi

. Code:

( ; ) ) is an alliance based on unity, respect and honor and we strive to achieve these attributes in everything we do. All members are to abide by the code which has been set forth by the QUEEN and is enforced by the High Council. In this code shall we find honor and pride among other traits that define who we are as an alliance of peace and prosperity. We are a family formed of nations that think outside the box and wish to rise to a level of Cyber Nirvana. We view all members as fellow brothers and sisters united under the same flag and rightfully so we will protect, aid, and do everything in our power to help our brothers and sisters grow and prosper. THE CODE IS OUR LAW AND WE LIVE AND DIE BY IT FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY!!

Flag and Team Color:


( ; ) ) is an Multi Colored Alliance

Founding principles


United as one, together under the same flag for reasons that are selfless. Unity is not simply a word to which we live by. For we are brothers united under our queen. We shall honor and respect each other in all things we do. To fight one of us is to fight us all we are whole, a flock. Unity is our strength and we are a family of one.


Respect is simple term for which we live by. All members should apply it to everything they do. From the CN forums to our dealings with others around us. Be polite and handle yourself in a respectful manor for your actions reflect those of your Queen.


Honor is a virtue that while many lack we shall not. Honor yourself, honor your queen and honor those around you. Honor breeds success and from success shall we show our valor. Death before dishonor!


Government Summary


Is the official voice of the alliance

Responsible for bringing up treaties and declarations of war to the High Council

Responsible for the Day-to-Day operations of ( ; ) )

Is responsible for being up-to-date on current CN politics

Responsible for the general welfare of the alliance

The QUEEN is the Monarch and Rightful leader of the alliance. Her term as QUEEN will remain until the day she is expelled for misconduct by the council or she steps down. If for some reason our beloved QUEEN does step down a New Monarch will be selected by the Council and will assume the role of KING or QUEEN. The QUEEN also has the right at any given time to take a KING to serve beside her. In the event that the QUEEN takes a KING, both will serve side by side in their position of power with either overtop of the other. The KING will be under the same classification as the QUEEN and may be removed in the same manor. The term in which a selected KING serves is the same as the QUEEN as they serve in the same role in government. The QUEEN is not required to take a KING by her side but reserves the right to do so at her leisure. If a KING is ever crowned and one of the monarchs are are removed by council vote both are as they are considered as one. If one of them steps down the other assumes full power and may not take another QUEEN or KING.

In the event a KING is crowned the alliance shall hold a Crowning ceremony honoring our new holy monarch.

In Times of War the Queen will be given direct control of the alliance. Her say will then override and be the word of God. During such a time the QUEEN cannot be removed from office.

High Council:

The Council is the work horse of the ( ; ) ) . They carry just as much weight as the QUEEN and are needed in every high level decision in order for it to occur. For New laws, declarations of war as well as treaties the council must vote 3/5 majority in favor of that being proposed.

The Council is made up of 4 members and a Elder.

The Elder member is the head of the council and the offical speaker of the council. Like the queen the elder member serves a life-term and can only be removed by the QUEEN. The Elder is the official 2nd in command appointed by the QUEEN.

Generals: (e.g. Finance General, War General)

Appointed by the Alliance as a whole via a voting process to be directly responsible for the area they serve, such as Internal Affairs or Finance. The council must vote 3/5 in favor to remove them from their position at any time for any given reason should one arise.

Generals will select one deputy to assist them with day-to-day tasks.


The Title Knight will be bestowed apon members who are loyal and are worthly of a grand title. The title knight is an earned one and once appointed a knight the title can never be lost. Knights are voices within the alliance and trusted membership. They serve as advisors to the other government members and may be given tasks to complete by government officials.

Taking Office:

The initial Leadership will be determined by the QUEEN. After the alliance has grown voting will take place for the council positions as well as all General Positions.

After the initial 90 days there will be an alliance-wide vote. Candidates will be given a chance to campaign for the positions of High Council as well as General positions. Every nation will be given one vote and every member can vote regardless of title or nation strength. Positions will last 60 days before another vote is counted.

Removal/Leaving Office:

The QUEEN can be impeached by a private and unanimous vote from the members of the High Council. For an impeachment to occur the council must have all 5 votes in favor of impeachment. Reasons which could lead to impeachment would be issues such as neglect or failing to lead the alliance as a whole in the right direction.

High Council can be removed only by the agreement via alliance wide vote for there removal. The QUEEN must demand a vote be taken and for removal to ocur a majority vote is needed.

The Elder Councilman can be removed at any given time per the QUEENS request. The Elder is the offical voice of the queen in the council and his fate is in her hands.

Should any member of the High Council step down, the QUEEN will appoint a new member to take his place.

Joining ( ; ) )

To be considered for membership into our ranks all nations must be clear of any wars or lists that define their nation as a terrorist. Members are asked to visit our forums and signup in the proper place pledging there nation to QUEEN and COUNTRY.

Signup Format

Nation Name:

Ruler Name:

Nation Link:

Nation Strength:

Former Allliances:

Are you currently involved in any wars?

Where did you hear about ( ; ) ) ?

Do you know how to use IRC and how often can you be on?


**Nation Ruler** of **Nation Name**, pledge myself to the beloved QUEEN as well as ( ; ) ) in times of peace and times of war. I shall honor the code and abide by the laws defined within the charter for QUEEN and COUNTRY.

Leaving ( ; ) )

Nations wishing to leave the alliance must do so clear of any and all debts to the alliance. They must also leave in a time of peace as leaving during war shall resort in their nation being considered a deserter and subject to ZI.

Law of ( ; ) )

Declaring War:

The QUEEN has to propose the idea of war in which it will go to the High Council where it must be approved by the Council with a 3/5 majority vote in favor of going to war.

Treaties and such:

Treaties and anything which follows in close suit must be proposed by the QUEEN. To be approved it must pass vote by the High Council with a 3/5 majority vote in favor of that which is proposed.

Member Rights:

All members have the right to vote in all elections.

All members have the right to run for positions that are open or elected.

All members have the right to tech raid if they chose giving they follow our guidelines for tech raiding.

All members have the right to develop their nation as they see fit and use income earned by taxes as they see fit. No nation is required to aid however Aiding your fellow brothers is looked apon in good favor.

Changes to the Charter:

For any change to be made to this document the QUEEN must propose the idea and send it to the Council. The council must vote 3/5 in favor of change for change to ocur.

Membership removal:

Members are subject to removal from the alliance for any act that violates the charter. In the event of a member crime the said member will face trail where his fate shall be decided by the council. Only the Queen may start a trial and request the removal of a member.


In the event of a proposed merger the QUEEN must propose the idea and have the council vote 3/5 in favor. After such another vote will occur within the ranks of all general membership. That vote must be majority vote for a merger to occur.


Disbandment is a discusion that requires the masses. Should a time ever occur in which the thought of disbandment arises. All members and government must vote in favor of disbandment with a majority vote in favor of disbandment. The QUEEN must propose the idea and council aprove such a vote.


Members are required to fight until death for QUEEN and COUNTRY. Surrendering during a time of war is considered treason and shall be punished as such.

Members who attempt to invade conflict during war shall be punished. All members shall be assigned targets during any form of conflict that may arise and failure you engage is treason.

Tech Raiding:

Members are allowed to tech raid freely without restriction with the exception of raiding aligned nations or unaligned nations on a sphere which is under protection by a said alliance. There are no exceptions to this law and violators will be punished.

( ; ) ) will not come to the aid of any member who’s tech raid goes bad. Raid at your risk if you pick a fight you can't handle we are not required to rebuild your nation or aid you in any manor.

( ; ) ) Defines an alliance as any group of nations under a certain AA with 5 or more members.


( ; ) ) views spying as an act of aggression with the intent to inflict damage. Therefore sending spies into other nations will be considered an act of war

( ; ) ) Spies like tech raiding is not allowed on aligned nations or nations under a protected color sphere.

Treason or Terrorism:

It is considered an act of terrorism to mock, dishonor or do anything that would bring dishonor to the QUEEN. Any act which falls under this law will be considered Treason and is punishable by Perm-ZI.

Any attempts to spark a coup or insight discontent within the alliance is considered a crime. Anyone found to have played a role in such an event shall be placed on the Enemies of ( ; ) ).

Leaving during wartime, joining an enemy alliance after departing are both crimes which will result in your nation being placed on the Enemies of ( ; ) ).

Any act that is thought to be in bad taste by the queen or any member of government can be bought to the council for review. If the council agrees that it was an act not becoming of a member action shall be taken.




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We have some government positions open as well as we are looking for some good active people to help us build. We have a good protector and a great leader in our queen. We also have me as a bank so aid will be no issue.

If your searching for a home where you can make a difference come see me.

PM me, visit us on our forums or even drop by the FFC channel on coldfront. We always in there.

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